Why You Should Not Be Worried About Unsubscribes

Email subjectWhen it comes to online marketing, growing an email list can be a very effective strategy for building a sustainable income and traffic. Whenever you send an email to your subscribers, it is always advisable to include an unsubscribe link which allows people to opt out. Consequently, you are likely to find people leaving your list over time. However, losing subscribers should not worry you. Here are some of the reasons why you should not be worried:

1. It is natural

It is natural and unavoidable for people to unsubscribe from your list. Even the most outstanding sites out there regularly lose people from their mailing lists. People could choose to opt out for a wide range of reasons. For some, it could be because their interests have changed while for others, it could be a way of avoiding getting too many emails in their inbox. Some of the people on your list will also unsubscribe as soon as they get something which was on offer. Therefore, you need to see unsubscribes as normal and inevitable.

2. Unsubscribes are a good indicator of what people want

The information gathered as a result of unsubscribes will give you a good idea of what your audience wants. Most email service providers provide data which can show you the number of people that left your list after receiving a particular email. If you get many unsubscribes after sending an email on a specific topic, it could be an indication that your audience is not really interested in that subject. In addition, you can test how your subscribers react to the frequency of emailing.

3. People who unsubscribe are not your perfect audience

The main aim of a mailing list is to connect with people that are a good fit with the topics covered. In addition, your audience should be a good fit with the type of emails sent, whether news, informative or promotional. Therefore, when someone decides to unsubscribe, they probably were not a good fit in the first place. They might not be interested in the topic, type of emails or the frequency of sending emails. Instead of worrying about such people, you need to focus on those that are an ideal fit.

4. It enhances responsiveness

People who choose to leave your mailing list were probably not actively involved in the first place. Eliminating these kinds of subscribers can greatly enhance your email click rates and open rates. It is better to have a small list which is responsive than a large list which is passive.

5. It lowers costs

Most email service providers charge fees depending on the size of your mailing list. Having many inactive subscribers on your list will end up costing you more but will not offer much in return. When such people unsubscribe from your list, you will be able to keep the costs of your marketing campaign down.


When someone leaves your list, it does not mean that you will never interact with them again. They might still visit your site and engage you on social media. In future, they might even end up subscribing to your list again.

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