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Top Digital Skills to Learn in 2018

digital marketing training in bangaloreThe digital world is getting freed of virtuality chains. It’s becoming the life source of many people and a mainstream of most companies’ success. In fact, it’s really hard to imagine any business whatsoever, that doesn’t participate in the digital market. Hence, there’s no need to stress the importance of digital skills in our current days. Yet, the technology might seem really frightening to grasp at times. There are tons and tons of skills, literally, that you could learn. If you open a website like Lynda, the sheer amount of courses and skills that you could learn could be frustrating. So how could you pick the most valuable digital skills to learn? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the top digital skills that you ought to learn in order to gain an edge over your peers.

1. Analytics

No one could argue against the importance of analytics in any business, and the same goes for digital businesses. With tools like Google Analytics, you take full control of your business and you can base your decision upon that. For instance, you get an overview of all traffic channels. You can determine how much traffic you get from SEO and how much from backlinks etc. You can also determine the bounce rate and the customer’s engagement on your website. This provides a more profound understanding of your business’s status and allows you to take an appropriate action, one that’s based on actual data and a simple hunch of hand analysis.

This means you can provide a better UX or tweaks to your products and services to meet the customer’s need and reach his full satisfaction. If you’re still unsure about the power of digital analytics, read about the 300 million dollars study case that wouldn’t have been possible without analytics.

2. Content Strategy

If you can drive a massive amount of traffic to your website, it would still be useless if you can’t deliver the right message. Content strategy is a process that starts with the development of the content up until the delivery of the content and the message. It’s how you attract your customers in, and how you keep them hooked and even how you transform them into your loyal customer base. It answers the fundamental questions of marketing of how and when you want to reach this customer. What’s your strategy to do so, how to leverage your content’s power for maximum impact and so on. It’s at the core of any successful business and the current heart of SEO.

3. Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest buzz words in the digital world is SEO. It’s one of the crucial things for any business, the master of all traffic there is. About 40% of any traffic is made through searching, and around 90% of that traffic goes into the first page of any search engine. The thing about this type of traffic is that it delivers targeted customers, not just random people with ads, but rather people who are genuinely interested in your products. The conversion rate of these people is pretty high which means a lot of revenue for your business. As search engines always try to deliver the most suitable and related content to your search, the field of SEO keeps on changing continuously, and there are a lot of points to cover as well. It’s not just about who is talking more about a certain keyword. It’s also about who’s got a more authoritative opinion on the matter, who is likely to be the one you’re searching for, who is likely to satisfy your demand. Even the way you apply SEO differs, from in-site content to code optimization and there are a lot of other things that SEO covers as well. It’s a fierce battle for sure, but it could be broken down into a somewhat systematic strategy that you can apply to your business.

4. Basic HTML/CSS

You might think that HTML and CSS are just coding stuff, but they’re not. Basic HTML/CSS are a basic skill for understanding the web. It’s crucial for marketers, designers, and developers. Without these skills, for example, marketers wouldn’t be able to optimize their pages and draw out the full potential of SEO. It would just be impossible. You’ve got to deepen your understanding of the web because that’s just the base of everything.

Now if you’re ready to up your game a little bit and push it a little, then you can learn Angular. Angular is a JavaScript framework that is just ideal for single page applications and creating dynamic content. Angular is at the heart of many famous websites that we visit and there are a lot of cool things that you can bring to your business with it.

5. Design

We’re not just talking about web design here. We are talking about writers, photographers, and designer alike. These skills are all in high demand now, and the coherence of those skills is what makes the content alive. The ability to design the full experience, from the smallest to the biggest detail is of the essence for a digital business.

Honorable Mentions

6. WordPress

CMS in general and WordPress specifically are a valuable asset to add to your skills. They change the game when it comes to content creation and SEO. If you’re not using CMS, you’d waste 50% of the time creating the content in actually laying it out, which is totally inefficient. CMS offers quick and better solutions for getting your content up and running in no time at all. There are many tools out there, but the most used is WordPress. Note that there are a lot of plugins for WordPress that boosts its performance even more, and offer a wide range of solutions like SEO. By mastering a CMS you’d boost your skills and widen the range of the services you can offer, or you can use it for your own pleasure and create a blog or a personal page, that would work too.

7. Social Media Management

There’s a lot of things that we don’t know about social media management and a lot of potential in social media for digital businesses. Social Media Management isn’t about “managing a Facebook page.” There’s a lot of aspects for this job, like managing social media campaigns, engaging with the audience, using content strategy to deliver the message. A lot of traffic is actually generated by social media, and it’s not to be underestimated.


There are a lot of digital skills that you can learn and a lot of them will be beneficial. You need to identify your goal first, and what you want to do, then dive deep into those skills. At the end of the day, if you master any of them, it will be rewarding and totally worth it. Moreover, one skill will lead you to another, as you can’t be static in the digital world. Don’t stop at one place. Keep on learning something new, the world is always changing and so should you.



Saurabh Hooda, Co-founder of Hackr, based in India

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