Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

Twitter BusinessWith the phenomenal growth of Twitter in the recent years, many businesses are now looking for ways of tapping into its potential for digital marketing. Currently, Twitter boasts over 200 million users. However, success is not guaranteed with Twitter promotion. Whereas some business owners have succeeded in their promotional efforts on Twitter, others have ended up frustrated.

The following are some tips for using Twitter effectively to promote your business.

1. Create a personal profile first

Before creating a business profile, it is important to first build a personal profile. Learn how it works. In addition, take time to build relationships and trust with other people in your community. Your business partners and staff should also be encouraged to connect with others. Starting a business page when you already have strong connections will ensure maximum impact for the products or services you are promoting.

2. Tweet moderately

Many newbies on Tweeter try to announce their presence by flooding their followers and friends with numerous insignificant tweets. This is a big mistake. When getting started, it is advisable to tweet moderately. Make sure your tweets are insightful or meaningful.

3. Customer relations

Twitter can be a very powerful tool for customer relations. You could start by encouraging customers to follow you. Make sure your Twitter handle appears in your business card, blog, site, as well as your official documents. You could even share your Twitter handle verbally whenever you meet your customers. Use Twitter to keep your customers updated about recent developments in your business, as well as your industry. Remember to take time to respond to their complaints and suggestions.

4. Focus on the community

You need to keep in mind that Twitter is a community. Sharing content which is strictly promotional might not appeal to most people. However, members of the community will appreciate and will be more likely to re-tweet any content which is helpful to them. Therefore, when sharing content, think of the needs of your audience first.

5. Avoid Automatic Direct Message (Auto-DM)

No one appreciates receiving spam messages. You might only end up losing your customers. Therefore, you need to avoid sending generic messages to your followers using Auto-DM, and instead take time to create personal messages.

6. Be patient

Success in promoting your business using Twitter does not come overnight. It takes time and consistency. You can use a Twitter app like TweetDeck to monitor the progress of your promotional efforts.

7. Assess the results

Before investing more resources and time to your promotional efforts, take time to assess the effectiveness of your current strategy. Use Google Analytics to find out how much traffic your site is receiving from Twitter. These results will help you tweak or modify your strategy accordingly.

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