Tips for Getting Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a popular social networking site which can help you get lots of traffic. It is very simple to use, yet very powerful. It only takes a few hours to understand its basic functionality. Unlike other sources of free traffic, Twitter is a micro-blogging site, meaning that messages can only contain a limited number of characters. Therefore, Tweets need to be concise.

The following are additional suggestions that can be helpful for getting traffic from Twitter.

1. Have an interesting profile

When people visit your Twitter page, the first thing they will see is your username and your profile. If your profile is not interesting, people will not want to read your tweets. Write a few lines about you, your interests and your occupation. Make sure you include some keywords in the bio.

2. Choose a targeted username

Your username is vital. Make sure you choose a username which is relevant to your niche. For example, if your niche is SEO services, you could go for something like SEOguru, SEOmaster or SEO services. Since this username will appear in searches made by other users, you need to choose it carefully.

3. Include your blog/site URL in the profile

Research has shown that most tweeters do not include a URL in their bio. This is a big mistake! Having a profile with your URL can help you attract lots of traffic to your site.

4. Share your profile link with coworkers, acquaintances and friends

Your coworkers, acquaintances and friends will comprise your most dependable audience. Therefore, they need to be aware of the existence of your Twitter page. To save on time, you could just send them a mass invite.

5. Look for other users with similar interests

Use Twitter’s search functions to look for other people with similar interests. Though such people may not be very loyal, they will contribute towards increasing traffic to your site.

6. Socialize actively

Visit your followers’ links and comment on their posts. There is a high possibility that they will return the favor.

7. Tweet frequently

To retain your audience, make sure you feed them frequently. It only takes a few seconds to write a short tweet. Make sure your tweets are valuable. If you have nothing important to tweet about your sites or yourself, you could post a link to a blog, video or article you found on another site.

8. Avoid spamming

In your attempt to get Twitter users interested in your site/blog, refrain from spamming them. This could get you banned by search engines.

9. Make use of Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed is a great service which can help you increase your reach significantly.

10. Add Twitter tools to your blog/site

There are numerous Twitter tools available. These tools can convert your blog visitor into a Twitter follower.

These are just but a few techniques you can use to generate traffic from Twitter. As you learn more about Twitter and get creative, you will discover more tactics for generating traffic from Twitter.

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