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Tips for Promoting Your Brand Using Instagram

InstagramSince a picture is worth a thousand words, sharing photos is one of the best ways for businesses to create awareness about their products or services. It allows you to be creative and project your brand in an interesting and lively way. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps. Currently, it has more than eight million users all over the world.

Here are some guidelines for promoting your brand using Instagram.

1. Use your brand name

If your aim is to create brand awareness, don’t use your name. Instead, use the name of your brand. For instance, if your brand name is ‘Sunset Safaris Kenya’, the Instagram name should be ‘SunsetSafarisKenya’. This makes it easier for users to find you and connect with your brand.

2. Connect with your fans

You need to frequently share photos of your products with your fans. If they like what you have to offer, they are likely to hashtag your images, or even post photos of themselves using the product. Take time to share photos of your fans eating, wearing or using your products. This will encourage them to post more photos which are relevant to your brand. You could also use Instagram to post photos of your employees at work or having fun. This will give your brand a human face and enhance interaction with your fans.

3. Use hashtags

Instagram offers a great opportunity to create awareness about your brand using hashtags. For instance, if your site is about men’s wear, you could post a photo of different clothes and shoes. Some of the hashtags you could use include #menfashion #men’swear #men’sapparel. Therefore, when people search using those hashtags, your photos are likely to appear in the results. If they like what they see, users might even begin following you.

4. Connect your Instagram profile with Twitter and Facebook

Connecting your Instagram profile with Twitter and Facebook allows you to share your photos on these social networks. This offers an opportunity to increase awareness of your brand. However, you need to remember the 140 character limit for Twitter. This will influence the number of hashtags or keywords which can be included in your post.

5. Make use of web profiles

Instagram web profiles allow you to share your profile with other people who are not Instagram users. This means that you can reach more users, even the non-Android and non-iPhone users. In addition, you can share your web profile in different ways, including on your email signature, in blog posts and through social media networks. However, to grant users access to your photos, ensure your brand profile is set to public.

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