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Tips for Enhancing Your Laptop Battery Performance

Laptop One of the major challenges faced by many people is how to use their laptops effectively when running in battery mode. The following are some tips which will help you get the most out of your laptop battery.

1. Don’t shut down; hibernate

Many people don’t know of the hibernate feature in their laptops. As a result, they end up using more power shutting down their laptops frequently. The hibernate feature lowers the power usage while keeping your documents and files open. It is ideal for situations where you need to leave your laptop idle for less than one hour.

2. Screen brightness

When using your laptop battery, it is advisable to dim your screen brightness. This will lower your usage of power. Most modern laptops have this feature.

3. Close programs not in use

Close any unwanted programs which may be running in the background. For instance, you need to close any IM applications that you don’t intend to use. Closing unnecessary programs also frees up your RAM, thus saving the power used by virtual memory.

4. Clean the air vents frequently

Your battery will work best when the temperature of your laptop is significantly low. To prevent overheating, you should ensure that your air vents are kept free from dust. This will lower the speed of the cooling fan, thus reducing the amount of battery power used. It would be advisable to blow dust out of the air vents at least once per month.

5. Take advantage of the Operating System (OS) Power Management Feature

All modern operating systems offer a number of useful power saving features which you can take advantage of. Make sure you configure your laptop to run on these features when left unattended. For instance, you could set your laptop to turn off the display when left idle for some minutes.

6. Avoid CPU and hard disk intensive activities

Intense hard disk and CPU activities use a lot of power. Therefore, when in battery mode, avoid activities such as watching movies or playing games. In addition, remember to shut down your desktop indexing programs which put additional pressure on your laptop battery.

7. Turn off unused devices

Devices such as infrared devices, Wifi and Bluetooth use power from your laptop USB port. Therefore, when running on battery mode, it would be advisable to turn them off if not in use.

8. Disable scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks such as automatic updates can use a lot of battery power. It is therefore advisable to disable such tasks when in battery mode.

9. Don’t run programs from the CD/DVD drive

CD/DVD drives use significantly more power compared to the hard drive. Therefore, when on battery mode, make sure you copy the necessary programs on your hard drive first before using them.

10. Plan your work early

Before running your laptop on battery mode, plan in advance what you would like to accomplish. This will prevent the wastage of battery power in unimportant tasks.

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