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Tips for Effective Photo Sharing on Twitter

In 2011, Twitter launched its photo sharing feature which allows users to share photos within the network. The feature allows uploading of photos that are 3MB or less in size. However, images can be cropped or resized for faster uploading. Twitter allows .png, .jpeg and .gif files, but not .tiff, .bmp and animated .gif images. The Twitter photo sharing feature also offers a user gallery where recently shared images can be stored.

The following are some guidelines for effective photo sharing on Twitter.

Select your photos wisely

Before sharing any photo on Twitter, make sure it is interesting. Don’t just blindly share photos that your followers wouldn’t be interested in. Every photo shared should have a theme and should be backed up by a text message.

Use quality photos

Every photo shared on Twitter should be of high quality. Poor quality images will only put off your followers. Some may even decide to unfollow you.

Share moderately

Though sharing photos is a great way of getting the attention of your Twitter followers, don’t overdo it. If you share too many photographs at once, you may be viewed as a spammer. It would therefore be wiser to share your photos a little at a time rather than all at once.

Avoid watermarks

Though a watermark could help in protecting your photographic work, it may end up ruining it. Unless it is the image of a product or a brand, avoid sharing watermarked photos on Twitter. Watermarks tend to distract the attention of the viewers from the subject of the photo.

Use hashtags

Images which have hashtags can be found more easily in search engines. Hashalbum is a Twitter service which enables web users to find new photos on the basis of their #hashtag. This service scans images on Twitter and categorizes them into albums according to their #hashtags. This way, web users are able to discover photos in any subject of interest.

Include the location

Tweets are both location and time sensitive. Therefore, it is important to tag your photos as well as tweets with geo-location data. This way, your photos can be found by web users who are searching by location.

Add attention-grabbing effects

Photos taken using a simple camera can be modified and enhanced using image effects mobile apps or web apps. These apps include BeFunky, Hipstamatic and Instagram.

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