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“Charles worked for providing content for the website. He worked remotely and was great at following directions and following through on assignments. His writing was excellent and needed very little editing. He wrote over 100 articles for our website on a variety of entrepreneurial topics. Given the opportunity, I would hire Charles again!”
Ellen Hanson
Cofounder and COO at Walker Sands Inc.
“Charles is quite a well known writer who has also Guest Blogged on my blog His articles are unique and extremely useful for the Blogging community and also replies well to the comments he receives. His Blogging tips come from his own experience of writing. Also his posts drive good amount of search traffic as his articles include good search terms. I recommend his writing services as he has been a regular guest author (and a good one) on my Blog.”
Lalit Indoria
Web Master
“I've ordered more than 30 articles from Charles, all of them have been up to my expectations and on time. Charles is a true professional, I highly recommended his services for content writing.”
Zubin Kutar
Web Master
"Charles is a highly qualified and talented writer with experience in writing in many niches, from serious technical articles to various popular subjects. His articles are always interesting to read, and the articles are very relevant to the required subject. Charles' native intelligence for writing and web content optimization is among the best I have seen. He has the drive and energy necessary to work at complex projects through to completion, always on time and within the budget. I highly recommend Charles for any executive level position in writing, web content management and/or team leadership."
Tina Zennand
SEO & SEM, Marketing Manager
"It's really hard to find a decent and knowledgeable guest blogger and copywriter, but I was lucky enough to touch base with Charles. Since then, I'm still cooperating with him because he's proficient in both English and topics he writes about."
Vitaliy Kolos
Web Master
"Charles wrote over 400+ articles for that were received very well by our readers. He could be relied on to pull out great content on tech related issues as well as career and success related topics. As Charles was a great asset to the CareerAddict content team, I would highly recommend him for any freelancing role"
Penny Gardner
Penny Gardner
“Charles is one of the best writers I have worked with and has a knack of crafting great content (how to articles, reviews, quick tips, etc.) on almost any topic you can think of. I hired and teamed up with a dozen of skilled freelancers in my 12+ years online, Charles has my highest recommendation though.”
Codrut Turcanu
Business Strategist. Experts Interviewer. Copywriter
“Charles has been writing for our blog for the last 12 months and he is one of our top writers. He has been guest posting on our behalf, writing well-researched articles, that were truly original and insightful to users. His choice of blogs was also exceptional. Charles articles have been accepted and published in reputable, high-profile blogs with large communities and readership. As a result we received sustained direct traffic to our blog and valuable SEO links. Unlike many other writers who write about the same topics, Charles content has been genuine, it always a new topic or an old topic approached from a unique perspective. He is an asset to our team and would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Alex Papaconstantinou
Business Owner
“Charles' writing skills form one of the strongest legs of my fast growing business. The first article he wrote convinced me of his extraordinary ability to write content on the web. What I love about Charles is that he is smart and intelligent. He reads instructions and he follows orders to the letter. Of the 20+ writers that form my team, Charles was the ONLY one who took the time to not only thoroughly read a 5-page guidelines document, but also deeply understand the concept behind the instructions. He then started writing articles that were better than I could have thought. What's more, Charles is one of the very few writers who cannot just write a good article, but he can also find the right site to publish it. He will do all the work himself. He will find the site. He will come up with an idea for an article that would add value to this site. He will write a great article. He will contact the owner of the site and offer him the article. He will then go back to the site, after the article is published, in order to respond to those who have commented on his article. This process is called "guest posting" and Charles is the king of it! I am not trading Charles for 10 other common writers you can find anywhere. If you are fortunate enough to have him work for you, you will make me unfortunate because he will have less time to work for me!”
Alex Papaconstantinou
Business Owner