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Web Design – Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design MistakesWhen designing your website, your main aim should be to improve the user experience of your visitors. When people have an easy time on your site, they are likely to come back for more and even refer others. However, many designers make mistakes which not only drive visitors away, but also destroy their credibility.

Here are some of the most common web design mistakes that should be avoided.

1. Slow loading pages

Web users would enjoy browsing a site which has fast loading pages. Most people don’t have the patience to wait around until a web page finishes loading. If it takes too long, they are likely to leave and go elsewhere. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of having slow loading pages which only contribute to a poor user experience. Generally, pages load slowly due to large or excess graphics or animations. Therefore, it would be advisable to keep the number and size of graphics on your site at a minimum.

2. Large or small text

Having text which is too tiny on web pages is another common mistake which designers make. Such text is usually very difficult to read. On the other hand, some designers have very large text on their pages which looks unprofessional and unattractive. To avoid making similar mistakes, take time to check the size of text used on popular sites out there. In addition, you could ask different people to read the text on your site. This will enable you to choose a size which would be comfortable for readers of all ages.

3. Poor color combinations

An attractive and harmonious color scheme plays a key role in creating a pleasant user experience. Therefore, when it comes to web design, having poor color combinations is unforgivable. Generally, it would be advisable to keep your color scheme as basic as possible. For instance, simply having a white background with back text can look very professional and attractive to visitors. Such a color scheme also makes your standard link colors very visible. To enhance the appearance of your web pages, you could add one or two colorful graphics.

4. Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows that appear immediately you land on a web page can be very annoying. In addition, they are an unnecessary distraction for visitors who have to close them first before accessing the web page. As a web designer, your main purpose should be to allow visitors to enjoy the content on your site. Pop-up windows draw the attention of visitors away from your site’s content and might cause them to leave permanently. In addition, such windows make your site look unprofessional and might be associated with spamming.

5. Links opening in the same browser window or tab

Some sites have links that open in the same browser window or tab, while others have links that open in a new window or tab. Most web users would prefer the latter option which offers a more pleasant user experience. This option allows them to access information in the new window or tab, and still be able to refer to the earlier web page. This ensures a more organized browsing experience for your visitors.