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Great Tips for Successful Blogging

Blogging SuccessBlogging is one of the best tools for marketing a business. The following are some guidelines that can help enhance the success of your business through blogging.

Write on your areas of expertise

When you share information which helps your readers enhance their skills or attain their goals, you automatically gain some credibility. As a result, people will start linking to you and quoting you frequently on social media sites. Make sure every post you share is accompanied by an appropriate image.

Make your posts concise and clear

Each of your posts should be focused on one specific subject. This will enable you to keep your posts brief. Ideally, each of your posts should not be more than 500-words long. After writing a draft, go through the article and remove any unnecessary words. This way, you could reduce the word count by up to 20%. Media resources and other bloggers will find it easier to share your posts if they are concise and clear.


Make sure your posts are organized in a way that makes them easily readable. Write short sentences. Use sub-headers to divide your thoughts. Avoid using technical words which might be unfamiliar to your readers. If your posts are readable, your visitors will be encouraged to come back for more.

Post frequently

If possible, try and get at least two or three posts published every week. Social media sites and search engines work better with predictable patterns of publication.

Be personal

You will connect better with your readers better if you are personable. Therefore, feel free to reveal who you really are and to share your personal experiences. Let your passion for the subject, as well as your personality, shine through your posts.

Respond to comments

When people make comments on your blog, make sure you respond. This way, your readers will feel appreciated and will be encouraged to visit again and leave more comments.

Improve your ‘searchability’

You need to edit each post so as to improve your chances of being found through search engines. Keep your titles short, not more than 60 characters in length. In case they have to be longer, make sure the most vital words are placed first. It is also important for the title to include the main keyword. Create a list of relevant keywords for your post and insert them into the keyword field.

Network with other blogs

Build outgoing and incoming links for your blog. These links will be useful for enhancing your visibility on search engines. Create links to other bloggers and ask them to create reciprocal links to you. When you submit posts to other blogs, remember to include a link pointing back to your blog.

Participate actively in social media and forums

Each time you get a post published, share it on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon or Digg. If you are part of any forum which is relevant to your industry, make sure you interact with other members frequently. Every time you post a comment, remember to include a link pointing back to your blog. This will enhance your credibility and will also improve traffic to your blog.