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Great Tips for Getting Your Blog Indexed Faster

Blog indexingMany people try to get their new blogs indexed by search engines by focusing on creating content. However, there are other ways of getting your blog indexed faster, even within 24 hours. The following are some of the strategies you can apply to get your blog indexed quicker by search engines.

1. Blog communities

There are several blog communities online which have very good rankings in search engines such as Google. Some of the leading ones include NetworkedBlogs, BlogCatalog, Blogged and MyBlogLog. If you join any of these communities, your blog is guaranteed to be indexed by Google. Joining blog communities is easy. All you need to do is open an account and then list your blog on it in the appropriate category. Make sure your blog description is written concisely and clearly, with relevant keywords and tags inserted. You can use things such as avatars and logos to create a brand identity for yourself.

2. Feed aggregators

Get your blog’s feed listed in feed aggregators such as FeedAdage, OctoFinder and Feed-Squirrel. Once it is listed, all your articles that get published will be indexed by these aggregators. When a web user clicks on the title of your article, they will be redirected to the original blog post. Therefore, besides getting your posts indexed, you will also receive lots of free traffic.

3. Stats and site valuation sites

Most of the stats and site valuation sites are ranked high in search engines. To find out how the value of your site, all you need to do is visit the site and enter your domain name. The site will then create a page for your blog, which will then be indexed by Google. Some of the sites worth checking out include AboutTheDomain, BuiltWith, CubeStat, WebsiteOutlook, URLfan and StatBrain.

4. Social sites

When you open an account on social sites, make sure the username is similar to the domain name of your blog. This is very effective strategy for getting search engines to index your blog. For instance, if the name of your blog is GreenGold, your Twitter handle should be @GreenGold. If you decide to open a Facebook page, it should be www.facebook.com/GreenGold. Having a consistent username which is keyword-rich will enable the fast indexing of your blog. Eventually, it will also be instrumental in the branding of your blog.

Open an account for your blog on all the leading social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious. For each new project you undertake, it is advisable to open a separate account. This will enable you to focus your posts on subjects that are relevant to the project, thus attracting other people who are like-minded.


Getting your blog indexed is not enough. You need to find ways of sustaining the traffic. This is where content is really important. Without quality and consistent content, all your time and energy will have been wasted.