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SEO Guidelines for Small Businesses

SEOWith the thousands of websites out there in cyber space, promoting a business online has become increasingly competitive. Most small business owners find it difficult to market their products and services on the internet. The following are some SEO tips which will help you promote your site effectively.

1. Create great content

Fresh, informative and relevant content is very important for enhancing the raking of a website. Think from the perspective of your customers to get an idea of the kind of questions they might have about your business or products. You could also share the latest news and resources in your industry. In general, make sure your content offers information which is helpful to customers, as well as search engine optimized. You can present your content in different ways, including a demonstration video, a written article or an infographic.

2. Launch a blog

Nowadays, a blog is vital for the success of any business’ online marketing strategy. Since a blog is more dynamic compared to a website, it allows you to create more brand awareness, as well as build a community of followers. In addition, a blog will enable you to publish content regularly, which in turn makes it possible to attract links from external sources. Consequently, this will result in an increase of traffic to your website.

3. Clarity of purpose

When a visitor lands on your pages, they should know right away what your site is all about and what exactly they are required to do. If you want them to join a mailing list, sign up for a newsletter or buy a product, let it be clear. If people visit your site but fail to find what they are searching for, they are likely to get frustrated and leave quickly. Check the bounce rates and levels of traffic in your analytics to see if your visitors are having a pleasant user experience on your site.

4. Interact with others

Interacting with partners, providers and suppliers in your niche will help you build meaningful relationships. Once trust has been established, you can enhance the promotion of your brand online by getting your associates to link to your site. You could also explore the option of cross promotion through press release distribution and guest blogging. Having a good number of quality, inbound links will help improve the ranking of your website.

5. Be sociable

Social media is a very effective tool for sharing with customers the latest news about your business or industry. In addition, it can also be a great way of offering customer service. Whenever you publish content on your site or blog, be sure to include social media buttons which allow visitors to share your blog posts with others in their networks.