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Reasons to Consider a Career in SEO

The following are some reasons why you should go for a career in SEO.

1. SEO services are in high demand

In the past, SEO was not a profession by itself. All webmasters did was to carry out basic SEO for the websites they managed. However, as sites grew and became profitable, it has become increasingly necessary to hire SEO experts rather than leave it to webmasters. The demand for SEO specialists is getting increasingly high.

2. SEO experts make good money

You can practice SEO as a solo practitioner or while working for a company. SEO job advertisements are published on online job boards such as Craigslist and Dice. SEO employees are paid the same as or higher than designers, marketers or developers. However, you can make more money working as a solo practitioner. You will many offers for $50 or more per hour. If you lack confidence to launch out on your own, you could consider getting an SEO job first, learning as much as possible, and then later launch your own company.

3. Web designing alone is not sufficient

Many companies offer services that include web development, web design and search engine optimization. Many clients look for someone who can design their site and also make it SEO friendly. Therefore, if you are an SEO expert as well as a designer, you will be in high demand. However, you could also consider focusing on SEO exclusively.

4. An opportunity to learn a lot

For anyone who has a background in development, web administration or design, SEO might not appear technical enough. Therefore, moving to SEO could be seen as a downgrade. However, you can actually learn much from SEO. For techies, SEO is an opportunity of upgrading their skills package.

5. SEO is now a recognized career

To prove that SEO is career which is recognized, check out the courses and examinations available for SEO practitioners.