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Responsive Web Design Explained

web developmentResponsive web design has become a very common buzzword in web design circles. It refers to a technique of web design which builds sites that can work with any kind of screen. Whether someone views the site from a computer or a smartphone, they will be able to navigate the pages and read the content without a problem. The following are some of the characteristics of responsive web design.

1. Displays only the necessary content

Having excess content on a small screen will only make it appear messy and unprofessional. Responsive web design allows you to hide some content and only display what is essential. For instance, a computer screen can accommodate up to five or more items in the navigation menu.  However, a smaller screen would look cluttered with all these items. To make the design mobile friendly, it would be advisable to have only the important menu items displayed. Only reveal the rest when the user requires them.

2. Built for touchscreens

Nowadays, most mobile users have touchscreen devices. Responsive web design recognizes this fact and ensures that the site design is intuitive. Your links and buttons need to be large enough to be tapped easily. In addition, make sure you have a sufficient distance between your links.

3. Flexible elements

Mobile devices vary in terms of screen size, operating system and default browser, among other specifications. This makes it very challenging to build a site which will work regardless of the mobile device being used.  Responsive web design allows you to adjust different elements to suit the screen of the mobile device. For instance, images that appear large on a computer screen will be automatically adjusted to fit a smaller screen. This means that you won’t have to scroll to view the full image. Text will also be resized appropriately so that it can be read easily on any kind of screen.  The layout will be adjusted to suit different screens. For instance, large screens might show three columns, while smaller screens show only one.

Here are some of the advantages of responsive web design:

  • It is nothing new, really

For some web developers, responsive web design sounds like rocket science. However, there is really nothing new when it comes to this kind of design. It relies on the same kind of programming language and coding which is used to develop normal sites. If you are familiar with CSS and HTML, you are good to go. Even if you don’t have technical knowledge or programming or coding, you can you can use WordPress for responsive design.

  • Saves costs

The best thing about responsive design is that you don’t have to create different pages for different kinds of screens. You can create one set of pages which will work whether viewed from tablets, laptops, smartphones or desktops. Since you don’t have to create separate pages, this will mean lower web development costs. In addition, you having one set of  pages will make it easier for you to manage  your  website.

  • Makes your site futuristic     

Every day, more and more people are using their iPads, tablets and smartphones to access the internet. In addition, newer and more innovative mobile devices are being created. Responsive web design allows you to build a site which will withstand the innovations of the future. You won’t have to constantly change your design based on the new developments.