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Pinterest for Business – Mistakes to Avoid

PinterestPinterest is the latest arrival in the social media scene. It is basically a site where users can gather and share images of their favorite hobbies, events and interests. Despite its growing popularity, there are only a few people using Pinterest for business as compared to Twitter and Facebook. However, Pinterest offers a great opportunity for interacting with customers, displaying products and encouraging other users to share your images and links.

For Pinterest to be profitable for any business, it needs to be used properly. The following are some of the mistakes you need to avoid when using Pinterest for business:

1. Posting the same image repeatedly

Using the same image repeatedly might be considered to be spamming. Even if you write a different description or anchor a different link, it is still not advisable. Besides tainting your reputation, it is also likely to lower the number of re-pins from other users. No one would want to pin the same image repeatedly, even if it was linked to a different product or page. Therefore, whenever you post a pin, make sure you use a unique image.

2. Spamming with links

Posting on Pinterest should be done moderately. When it is excessive, it might be seen as spamming. Make sure your pins are well spread out to avoid dominating any category. This will ensure that your photos remain visible and your boards appear professional.

3. Using free stock images

Since most blogs use free stock images, such images appear very frequently in Pinterest. As a result, one image can appear several times, but on varying topics and for different links. This can get very confusing for users. It would therefore be advisable to use your own photos instead of free stock images. This will ensure that your pins stand out. Alternatively, you could go for paid stock images.

4. Not organizing the boards

Many Pinterest users make the mistake of pinning all kinds of things on a single board. As a result, they end up with a very disorganized board. Others have outdated pins, duplicate boards or disjointed main pages. Here are some tips that can help you get more organized:

  • Create a separate board for each of your products and services
  • Have a relevant and attractive cover image for each board
  • Pinterest users follow particular boards. Therefore, you need to ensure that the same boards remain active. If you replace them with new ones, you are likely to lose your followers

5. Placing images in the wrong category

Many people make the mistake of placing their images in the wrong category. This might cause users to become suspicious and you might be labeled a spammer. Even if was an honest mistake, people will begin doubting the validity of your pins.