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Fantastic Tools for Online Polls

ReviewsPolls are very useful tools for collecting opinions about anything. For a company, this could be opinions about a new product, proposed changes to management or new HR regulations. Therefore, polls and surveys offer a great opportunity for engaging and getting feedback from customers, employees and suppliers. Here are some awesome tools that you can use to create your own polls:

Here are some amazing tools for creating online polls:

Survey Monkey

This is the world’s most popular online survey tool. You can use it to create survey questionnaires and polls to gather information about anything from employee opinions to customer satisfaction. Survey Monkey comes with a library of certified templates and sample survey questions. You can easily create a survey, distribute your questionnaires online, and then collect responses for analysis. The basic version of Survey Monkey is free, while there are three other paid versions.

Constant Contact

Just like Survey Monkey, Constant Contact comes with templates and pre-written questions which allow you to create a poll or survey quickly. You can easily customize your poll or survey using your fonts, colors or logos, and then share a link on your blog, site or social media networks. Constant Contact allows you to keep track of the responses in real time, as well as generate easy to read reports of your analysis. This tool is great for companies which would want to get immediate feedback from their customers or employees.

Question Pro

Question Pro is a tool that boasts clients such as Samsung, Toyota, Siemens and Hyatt. It comes with dozens of color themes which allow you to create great looking surveys and questionnaires. In addition, you can choose from more than 30 question types. Question Pro lets you reach your target audience via email, pop up and exit surveys, embedding on your site, or posting on different social networks. You can analyze your findings easily using features like segmentation tools, text analytics, pivot tables, trend analysis and real-time summary.

Poll Everywhere

This is a fun and user-friendly polling app which allows you to get a response in real time from your audience, whether they are using mobile devices or computers. Once you have created a poll, you can send your audience codes which they can enter on their browsers or text back. The results are displayed in real time as the responses are submitted. You can share the results on Twitter and Facebook, or embed a link on your site. In addition, you can download your results as an Excel, PDF, screenshot or CSV document. Poll Everywhere also allows you to show your results on PowerPoint slides for presentation. Poll Everywhere comes with a free account which allows you to create polls for a limited number of people, as well as paid plans which vary depending on the number of respondents being targeted.


PollSnack is a very flexible and easy to use survey tool. It comes with widgets which allow you to customize the appearance of your questionnaires. PollSnack supports multiple languages and allows you to save your data securely indefinitely. This tool is idea for employers who want to carry out a personality quiz of prospects or marketers that wish to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.


What poll and survey apps do you prefer? Please share with us in the comments section below.