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Great Domain Flipping Strategies

Domain flipping is getting increasingly popular as a way of making money online. However, many aspiring domain flippers struggle to find buyers and thus end up holding to domains for months or even years. By taking time to learn online marketing strategies and building an online presence, anyone can succeed in domain flipping.

The following are some great tips and techniques for domain flipping.

Personal branding

Having a legitimate identity is the first step towards successful domain flipping. No one wants to carry out transactions with someone who is anonymous. It is advisable to buy a domain name with your own name. Interlink your website with your social profiles. This will help you develop your personal brand identity across different platforms.


After building your business or personal website, you should then start blogging. Write about your domains themselves, as well as subjects relevant to your domains. You could also share industry news that would be of interest to the readers. The aim of blogging is to create original content which will give you a platform for advertising and receiving inquiries.

Email list building

Once your blog is up and running, you could then begin building an email list. To encourage readers to surrender their email addresses, you could offer then incentives such as domain deals, blog updates, free eBooks or software downloads. Make use of newsletter management services which allow you to send out blog updates, as well as track conversions.


There are thousands of people all over the world who start online businesses, buy domain names and build websites. Make an effort to network with fellow domainers, as well as people in related industries, on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Keyword niche marketing

A common strategy used in domain flipping is commenting and posting in forums and blogs which are related to the keywords in the domain. However, this needs to be done in moderation. Excessive posting or commenting may cause you to be labeled as a spammer. This will eventually have a negative effect on your domain sale.

Domain auctions

Your domain flipping efforts can get good exposure from both offline and online auctions. Auctions work best for domain names which are well-aged. You can submit your domains to live domain auction events, free domain marketplaces or online auctions.


If you have a valuable domain name, it would be advisable to invest some cash to advertise it. You could create a text advertisement or banner campaign to run on websites with high traffic. This will help you get maximum exposure. Other affordable options include Facebook Ads or Google AdSense.