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7 Crucial Pages for Your Music Site

Music siteA well-designed, professional website is very important for any serious musician. It gives you the opportunity of showcasing your product, interacting with fans, building a following and networking with others in the industry. Here are some of the pages which you need to incorporate in your site:

1. A shop page

This is an absolutely important page for every music website. The shop page is where your fans get an opportunity to purchase your music. You could either sell our music directly from your site or upload it on a third-party site like iTunes and link from your shop page. The advantage of selling directly from your site is that you end up making more from each sale. Besides selling music, you could also consider selling other things like tickets and merchandise.

2. A blog page

If your music career is dynamic, it would be advisable to have a blog page on your site. A blog is very useful when it comes to updating your fans about the latest development in your career and the industry in general. For instance, you could share your thoughts on trending topics, your reflections of the last gig, or updates about your upcoming album. You could also consider inviting your fans to contribute guest posts on different topics.

3. An About page

People who visit your website for the first time probably don’t know much about you. This is why it is very crucial to have an about page in your site. This is where you share your story with people and give the opportunity to know you at a deeper level. You could talk about your beginnings in music, your challenges, your highlights and your accomplishments so far. Don’t forget to provide links to other pages on your site where people can buy your music, watch your photos/videos or make bookings.

4. A contact page

As the name suggests, this is the page where you provide contact details to your fans and prospective customers. The first contact details you should have on this page are your social media profiles, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most of your fans will want to interact with you on those platforms. You should also have an email address or contact form for potential business partners who would want to communicate in a formal way. However, it would not be advisable to post your personal phone contacts on this page since people are likely to misuse it and waste your time.

5. A gallery page

As it has been said, a photo is worth a thousand words. Fans would want to see photos of your latest gig, your family, your recent vacation or the latest award ceremony you attended. A gallery page on your site will give you the opportunity of showcasing such pictures. If you are running a WordPress site, you will find numerous gallery plugins which you can download at no cost. Such plugins will enable you to showcase your photos in an organized manner.

Having these pages on your site will enhance your chances of success as a musician. Be sure to keep it simple and remember to constantly update your content.