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Tips for Creating Marketing Personas

marketing personaA marketing persona refers to a make-believe version of your clients or prospects which has character traits, as well as a name. Business owners use personas to direct their marketing decisions. To create personas for your different target markets, you need to have a good understanding of your audience.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when developing marketing personas:

1. What is their lifestyle?

This refers to the level of their income, as well as their attitude towards spending. Are they impulse buyers? Or do they plan carefully before purchasing anything?

2. What are their interests?

How do they spend their free time? Do they have any specific hobbies? Do they like participating in or watching sports? Are they religious? Do they love traveling? If so, what are their favorite destinations?

3. What are their demographics?

What is their gender? Where do they live? How much do they earn? What is their level of education? What is the number of people per household?

4. What is their attitude towards your products?

Do people like or loathe your products or services? What are their reasons? Is there anything hindering them from purchasing and using your products? On the other hand, what is their attitude towards your competitor’s products?

5. Who influences their choices?

Are they the main decision makers when it comes to product choices? Who do they consult before buying anything? Influencers can include friends, parents, children and spouses. The media, especially television and the internet, are also major influences.

6. Where are their sources of information about your product?

Do they carry out research on the internet? What kinds or words or phrases do they use to search on search engines? Do they get some of the information on social media channels?

7. What are their expectations?

What do they expect to get from your company? Do they want to get products at the lowest price possible? Do they need advice about using your products? Or do they just want to be a follower or fan?

8. What specific information are they looking for?

Do they want purchase information, product details, signup information, customer reviews or product support?

9. What are their past behaviors?

How have they been spending money on related products in the past? What exactly did they buy? Did they buy the product at the full price or at a discounted price?

10. What device are they using when looking for information?

Are they using a smart phone, laptop or desktop?

Once you have created your marketing personas, you will be able establish whether your marketing efforts are on track. Categorize your personas and use them to come up with appropriate marketing strategies for each product.