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Parking Expired Domains for Profits

Many people buy a domain with the intention of creating a website around it. However, you could also purchase a domain with an intention of parking it. Parking expired domains is one of the best ways of making money online with very little effort.

Every day, there are numerous domain names expiring. Each expired domain offers you a great opportunity for making money. As long as you know what kind of domain to buy, you could soon begin earning a good income from this business. The amount of traffic a domain name attracts will depend on its popularity. The more popular it is, the more the traffic.  These are the kinds of domain names you should target when they expire.

So how do you get started? First, you need to find a domain provider who charges a reasonable fee for selling domains and who offers domain parking services. Be sure to choose a company which allows you to park many domains. This will enable you to expand your business in the future.

Domain name parking basically involves building and monetizing a single page. If you select a domain name which contains popular keywords, you will begin receiving traffic on your page immediately.

Most domain parking services offer the tools required for making money from your page. When creating your page, you need to consider who your primary target is. For instance, if you have the words ‘weigh loss’ in your domain name, you need to make sure that your page is helpful to anyone who is looking for information about weight loss.

You can use one of the many free keyword tools online to explore with different keyword combinations. This will enable you to select the most effective keywords for your topic. Though it might take some time to attain optimal performance, it will be worth it when your earnings start increasing.

Once you begin making money from one parked domain, you can begin looking for more. It is advisable to build up gradually by purchasing one or two domains. Once you have parked several and are getting a good idea of how the whole thing works, you could then consider purchasing more. Eventually, you might end up with scores of parked domains which will earn you lots of cash with little effort on your part.

Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet. If you have the capacity of recording a home video, you can start a new business of develop an existing one by signing up on YouTube and uploading the videos.

If you have an existing business venture, YouTube can be a source of more business. You could shoot short videos which are relevant to your business. Ensure the video contains your website’s URL. This can help you increase the volume of traffic to your site, and is likely to result in more customers. For instance, you might be running a site which offers sells music tutorials. Therefore, you might want to shoot videos which offer brief lessons for free. At the end of the free lessons, people will want to visit your site for more material. This process can apply to many other kinds of businesses.

When it comes to YouTube, you need to think visually for best results. People don’t just want to see you on a video telling them about something; they want to be shown. Always keep this in mind when coming up with ideas for your videos. This will ensure a good response when people see your videos.

If you don’t have an already existing venture to promote, you could try promoting affiliate programs through YouTube. You could shoot a video which anyone can see and share for free. Make sure the web address of the relevant site appears on the video. If you post a video which is related to your products, your site is likely to experience an increase in traffic flow.

Though it might take some time to understand how it works, uploading videos on YouTube is not difficult. Once you have done several, it will get much easier. It is important to be as original as possible. You may opt to use copyright free videos. However, if you can make a good, original video yourself, you will attract more attention.

Tips for Making Money with Website Directories

When it comes to making money online, many people don’t think about website directories. However, it is an idea worth considering. A website directory is basically a site containing a list of other websites. The sites are usually divided into different categories to enable visitors to find what they are looking for easily and fast.

Before creating a website directory, you should first consider what you want your directory to focus on. For instance, you could build a web directory which lists women’s shoes stores and shops in a specific country. Once your subject is settled, you can then go ahead to build your site. Make sure it is professionally designed. People are more likely to subscribe to a site which looks respectable. It will be worth the cost since eventually, you might want to charge website owners to get listed.

You could either offer free or paid listings. For free listings, the sites listed will offer you a back link to your site. This will result in free promotion and advertising for you. You can offer two kinds of paid listings; normal paid listing and premium paid listing. The latter is highlighted so as to stand-out from the normal listing. Paid listings may offer a clickable link, whereas free listings may not. For premium paid listings, you could include an extra fee to allow people to add their photo or business logo with their listing.

Before paying to get listed on your website directory, people will want to know how many potential customers will see their listed sites. Therefore, you need to find ways of generating lots of traffic to ensure that your site offers real value. Free listings can help you generate this traffic. The more traffic you have, the higher the likelihood of people listing with you, and even pay for premium listing. Word will soon go around that people’s websites are receiving lots of traffic from your directory. Many more people will then b willing to pay to have their websites included.

Once your website directory becomes popular, you could then consider investing some of your earnings on advertising to promote its benefits.