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How to Network Within Your Industry Using Twitter & LinkedIn

twitterBusiness is all about networking, gaining trust, building and maintaining client relations. To be able to get attention, make new clients, share industry knowledge and develop new contacts, you need to connect with others. And we don’t need to tell you how useful social media platforms are in this regard. Social media platforms are excellent for networking. However, social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are like the sea. You got to find out the people from your niche, connect to them and start a conversation.

So how do you network within your industry using Twitter & LinkedIn?

1. If There is Content, There Must Be a Contributor

Find out the author of the content you read and find interesting. Typically, most famous internet marketers have a social media presence. People, who love to present new ideas through amazing content and blog posts, also like to appreciate creative thoughts, out of the box perspectives and a new outlook of others. You can follow them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Connect to them and share your thoughts with them. Start commenting on their blogs. Tweeting some feedback and complementing their posts with a bit new insight on the topic can help you get their attention.

2. Become a Contributor 

Networking becomes easy when you start sharing knowledge. When you also become an author, write compelling content on an engaging industry topic and share them through the social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, you become a known personality. People from the same industry start to know you, like your posts and participate in the conversation and join your network. This is how you network with the help of the social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. People will reach you for new ideas and to comment on your post.

3. LinkedIn Groups for Networking

Have you ever explored the LinkedIn groups? They are an amazing platform for joining career discussions. If you search for the LinkedIn groups, you’ll find many where people share articles, participate in live conversations and ask about various topics. Those places are amazing if you want to get noticed. Before you send a request to join, you must take time to understand whether the group is a good fit for your requirement.

4. Upgrade the LinkedIn Account to Reach the Target Members

LinkedInTo make a full fledged use of LinkedIn, upgrade your account with their paid membership. A basic LinkedIn membership account will also let you have a look at the profiles of people who visit your account. You can then quickly scan their profile and then connect with the appropriate people. When you show interest to join a new active group, it shows your enthusiasm in the subject and indicates you’re open for new professional relationships.

5. Find Strong Twitter Keywords for Networking

There are several reasons why people like Twitter so much. Twitter can make a post viral very fast. It’s a great source for information as well. Search for most accurate Twitter keywords to find the people who are talking about the topics or subjects of your interest. To get started, try to research the various versions of the keywords to get the most accurate result. To connect with people, you must reply back to people’s tweets. Plus, leave feedback and comments. You must join active conversations to be able to do networking.

In the marketing world, it’s very important that you reach the right group of people at the right time. If you want to be one of the most prominent personalities, and let others know about your product or service, you need to come out of your comfort zone and join networks. If you think you’ve to work hard to connect to the target group, do that.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are open for everyone. These places are full of professionals having excellent knowledge in their respective fields. You must find out the people from your field, approach them smartly and introduce yourself. When joining these sites and connecting with people are very easy, you must maintain relevance. By that we mean it’s very important that you connect only with people having the same background as yours. Use all benefits and features of Twitter and LinkedIn. Talk to them who understand your subject and are eagerly waiting to explore new topics from that niche.


Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for Maxwell Systems which offers heavy construction software tools designed to fit your business with fully integrated accounting, project management, equipment management, and construction equipment management. Bernard likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.