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Hosting Guidelines for Small Business Owners

web hostingIf you want to create a professional website and use it to promote your products or services, you should invest in a reliable web hosting solution. You will lose potential customers if your site is offline or if there are any restrictions in the amount of bandwidth you can use. If you are launching an online business, you should subscribe to a basic professional web hosting solution. You can choose between shared, dedicated and free web hosting.
Shared web hosting service
A shared server is a good option if you want to save money on web hosting. This is the preferable option for most small businesses. If you decide to use a shared server, you should make sure your web hosting service has strict policies regarding the content that can be uploaded. If the people you share a server with upload illegal content, the entire server might be blocked by Internet access provider.
Dedicated hosting service
A dedicated server is a better option if you want to store information that needs to be protected on your server. Though dedicated severs are more expensive, you will not have to worry about other websites using most of the bandwidth or about security problems. You should also think about getting your own server. This solution is expensive since you will need a professional internet connection, your own equipment and you will probably have to hire someone to set up your server and help you maintain it.
Free web hosting solutions
If you cannot afford to spend anything on web hosting, there are free services you should consider. Upgrading to a better web hosting solution should be your priority once you start earning money thanks to your website. Most free web hosting solutions will place ads and banners on your site, which is not a good option if you want your site to look professional. If you decide to use one of these services, make sure the ads will be targeted toward your audience. Avoid using free services with restrictions on your use of bandwidth since you could lose traffic.
If you do not want to launch a professional website or cannot afford to spend anything on web hosting, you should consider creating a blog instead of a website. Choose a popular blogging platform and explore the different features you have access to. You can easily create a quality blog that can be navigated like a website if you take the time to organize your content on different pages and create a menu. A blog is also an excellent option if you are not comfortable with HTML or with site-building tools. Connect your blog to a domain name if you do not want your blogging platform to appear in your URL.

Make sure you choose a web hosting solution adapted to your needs and budget. Keep in mind that you might have to find another solution as your needs change or if you can afford to invest in a better plan.


Biljana is a tech writer and a blogger researching and publishing useful information for small business owners on behalf of Ninefold VPS Hosting Solutions