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Great Facebook Tools for Marketers

Facebook marketingMore and more businesses are now using Facebook as a platform for promoting their goods and services. This network comes with awesome inbuilt tools which can greatly boost your Facebook marketing campaigns. Here are some of the best Facebook tools for marketers:

Agora Pulse

This Twitter and Facebook dashboard gives you a summary of all the activities on your page. It also allows you to start campaigns and schedule posts directly from the dashboard. These campaigns could be coupons, photo contests, personality tests, fan votes, sweepstakes or quizzes. You can create a dedicated page for your campaign information, or simply mention the campaign on a post. To avoid being limited when it comes to participants, it would be advisable to sign up for the paid plan.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

When it comes to Facebook newsfeeds, one of the most visible features is the headlines. The quality of your headlines will determine whether or not users will read the entire post. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer can help you create great headlines which encapsulate the essence of your content. This tool will analyze your headline against other headlines of top articles and give you a score. It will also offer suggestions which could help enhance your headline, like limiting the number of words or characters.


Compass can help you generate ad reports which will show the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns. You can monitor metrics such as ad frequency, amount spent, link clicks and number of conversions. In addition, you can check the data breakdown by countries, placement, devices, gender and age. Compass allows you to compare your ad performance against others, thus giving you an idea of where you need to improve.

These are just a few of the Facebook marketing tools that are available out there. Other tools worth considering include SumoMe’s Share, AgoraPulse’s Facebook Timeline Contest tool, Ripe Social, SnapApp, GroSocial and FanAppz.