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Tips on Improving Your Lead Generation Efforts

sales funnelThe sales funnel is often a numbers game, and the value that organizations get at the end of the funnel depends largely on how well they fill the top and how well they move the prospects down the funnel. If the top of the funnel is not getting its due, the bottom suffers. In this post, we will talk more about filling the top that is, improving the lead generation efforts.

Here are some tips:

1. Stop Thinking and Start Executing

Marketing is a lot about doing. All the planning, observations, and analyses can take you only so far – what will really help you is executing your plans effectively. Managers often waste time making plans and don’t expend enough efforts in implementing them. This is a shout out for them to stop thinking and start doing.

2. Employ Different Methods

Marketing is not one thing — it is a combination of many. Only one channel for leads might not give you great results – what you need is multiple channels that work together to give you enough leads. That does not mean that you muddy the field by using too many methods – they might come in each other’s way and harm the organization more than help it. Try to implement complementary marketing methods – use SEO and SEM in conjunction with e-mail marketing. Collect leads using SEO and SEM techniques, and send collateral to these leads through email marketing so that they stay hooked.

It is important to get the combination right, as it will decide whether your marketing works for you or against you.

3. Invest in Content Marketing

More and more organizations are now adopting content marketing practices since they see the value in it. However, there are many organizations that lack in content marketing, either in terms of quality or quantity. Content marketing drives a lot of other marketing efforts, and can be a significant lead generator in itself. Offering engaging and informative content to prospects draws them towards the organization, and helps retain them.

4. Test Everything

Marketers should go into lead generation with a tester’s mindset. They should think of every marketing effort as a test, and see what the results are, before deciding whether to continue with it or not. The market conditions and consumer expectations are volatile, and it is a good idea for marketers to think that they don’t know what will work and therefore test everything instead of thinking that they know everything and testing nothing. From marketing methods to the way the website functions to the frequency with which prospects are engaged, everything should be tested to arrive at optimal results. Once the best results come, and once they get the idea that a channel has dried up, they can then move on to other things.

5. Look at the Data

In marketing, data plays a very important part. Today, even complicated technical aspects of marketing like SEO and SEM have metrics that will help users understand exactly what is going on, and how their efforts are turning into results. Marketers should collect data on every action, and analyse it closely. In the market, there are many CRM solutions available that can help organizations collect data to gain insights on analysis to help with decision-making.

Lastly, it is a good idea for organizations to use CRM software that can help them with all aspects of lead management. The solution will also help them implement and perfect their sales funnels so as to get the best from their marketing efforts. The CRM platform is comprehensive, and allows users to implement multiple marketing practices from a single interface.

Author Bio

James Maron is an author at SutiSoft, Inc. He shares his views on SaaS and Cloud-based business management solutions.