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Email Subject Lines – Mistakes to Avoid

EmailIf you are an internet marketer, website owner or blogger, you probably use email often to communicate with people. For instance, you could be writing to propose a business partnership or offer a guest post. When it comes to emails, the most important element is the subject line. If it is not well-written, there is a possibility that the receiver will delete the email without even reading it.

The following are some of the most common mistakes people make when writing email subject lines.

1. Making requests

People are more interested in receiving rather giving. Therefore, if you have a subject line requesting for something, many people won’t even bother to open the email. These include voting requests and link building requests. The best way of building a relationship with people is by offering something.

2. Using one-word subject lines

You should never send emails with one-word subject lines such as ‘Hello!’ Such subject lines do not give any indication of who the sender is and what the email is all about. Receivers are likely to delete such emails without even reading the contents.

3. Pleading for attention

Using words such as ‘Please read this’, ‘Important!’ or ‘Urgent’ will not persuade anyone to open your email. Instead, it will have an opposite effect. Receivers are likely to question your motives and handle your email with suspicion.

4. Using spammy keywords

If you have any spammy-looking keyword in the subject line, your message is likely to be blocked by spam filters. Even if such a message does not get blocked, it might still be tagged as spam by the receiver. The following are some of the words you need to avoid in your subject line:

  • Money
  • Gift
  • Free
  • Win
  • Survey
  • Deal
  • Degree
  • Sign up

5. Using subject lines similar to those of automated messages

Make sure your subject line does not appear similar to automated messages which are sent by online services or websites. Examine the different kinds of automated messages that have been sent to you and refrain from writing your subject lines in the same way. One of the most common is the ‘Invitation to…’ subject line. These are usually sent by social networks. Most people ignore messages with such subject lines.


When writing an email subject line, the following are the main things you need to consider:

  • Keywords – Include keywords such as the name of the receivers’ site. This will grab their attention and make them want to open the email
  • Short description – This will give the receiver an idea of what your email is all about