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Guidelines for a Successful Ecommerce Site Design

ecommerce site designIn the past few years, many people have transitioned from shopping in brick-and-mortar stores to buying products online. Due to the popularity of increasing popularity of online shopping, numerous ecommerce stores are now emerging on a daily basis. As a result, the ecommerce industry has become increasingly competitive. Therefore, if you are planning to venture into ecommerce, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors. One of the things which can enhance your chances of success is a user-friendly site design. If the design of your site offers customers a pleasant shopping experience, you are likely to make more sales.

Here are some tips which will help you enhance the profitability of your ecommerce site.

1. Post testimonials

Before making a buying decision, some of your prospects might first want to read testimonials and reviews regarding your product. Sharing such information will help you win the trust of your customers, thus enhancing your sales. However, avoid the temptation of creating fake testimonials since this will eventually destroy your reputation.

2. Keep your pages clutter free

When people visit the pages of your site, they should know immediately what you have to offer. Therefore, it would be advisable to adopt a minimalist design with professional-looking photos and plenty of white space. Having too many elements on your pages will only confuse your visitors and result in lost sales.

3. Outline your unique benefits

Whatever product you might be selling in your ecommerce site, there are probably hundreds of other online stores out there selling the same product. Thus, you need to give your visitors sufficient reason why they should buy from you and not your competitor. What is unique about your offer? What additional benefits will prospects enjoy from buying your products?

4. Use promos

Having occasional promotional offers or special discounts can be a very effective strategy for attracting customers. For instance, offering free shipping on selected items can motivate visitors to make a purchase. Whenever you are running such promotions or discounts, you need to ensure that the details appear prominently on your homepage.

5. Display contact details

Being easily accessible is one of the best ways of winning the trust of your customers. Make sure your ecommerce site has contact details such as an email address, telephone number, live chat and social media profiles displayed prominently in all the pages. You can boost your credibility further by displaying trust marks such as the BBB logo and SSL certificates.

6. Simple navigation

The navigation system of your ecommerce site should be simple and intuitive to enable visitors to move around easily. Make sure all your sections or pages are named appropriately. This will give prospects an idea of what they will find when they click on a link.

7. Understand your customer

When building your ecommerce website, take time to consider the needs of your customers. Understand their tastes, preferences and buying habits. This will enable you to come up with a design and content which will resonate with them, thus enhancing your conversion rate.