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Tips for Creating and Promoting EBooks

EBook marketingIn recent years, the sales of eBooks have surpassed those of hardcover books. Publishing a book in digital format means that you don’t have to send query letters to publishers or spend money on printing copies of books which might not even be bought. Besides the cost of marketing, creating an eBook is virtually free. And the best part is that after making sales, you get to keep most of the profits.

The following are some tips which will help you succeed in marketing your eBook.

1. Define your target market

To get the attention of readers in the increasingly competitive eBook market, you need to define the specific audience you would like to reach. Nowadays, advise focused publications on topics such as beauty, weight loss, gardening or parenting are very popular. If you are a recognized expert in your field, you could write a book focused on individuals who would be interested in finding out the secret of your success. Having a blog which is covers the same topic will make it easier to promote the eBook.

2. Hire an editor

Deviating from the conventional publishing model is not an excuse to compromise on quality. Once your manuscript is complete, you need to identify a freelance editor who can evaluate the flow of your copy, cross-check facts, as well as proofread the final draft. Your professional credibility could be negatively impacted if your eBook is inaccurate and of poor quality. It is therefore very important to invest in the services of a professional editor. Such editors can be found in several online professional directories.

3. Price it properly

Do not get over-ambitious when deciding how much to sell your eBook for in online market places such as eBay or Amazon. Set a price which will motivate potential readers to purchase. If your eBook is a short romantic novel, you could consider selling it for about $2.99. However, if the book contains specialized information in a certain field, a price of $10 would be ideal. Such low prices are likely to inspire more sales.

4. Sell anywhere and everywhere    

The first place where you should sell your eBook is your blog or site. You could also consider marketing it on sites such as eBay, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu.com or Apple’s iBookstore. Affiliate programs can also be useful for getting other people to promote your book. All you need to do is open an account with affiliate programs such as Commission Junction or e-Junkie, and then invite other bloggers in your niche to promote your book.