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How to Get Content Ideas for Business Blogs

Starting a business blog is one of the best ways of reaching customers and thus enhancing sales. A blog which offers its readers valuable information consistently will continue attracting more and more visitors. However, many business owners struggle when it comes to creating new content on a regular basis. The following are some great sources […]

Business Blogging – Getting Started

Nowadays, many business owners have blogs as an integral element of their online marketing strategies. A business blog can be a very powerful tool for generating publicity, showing expertise to customers and creating brand awareness. Before starting a business blog, you need to ask yourself if you have the ability and time to maintain a […]

Why is a Blog Important for Business?

Nowadays, more and more companies are realizing the importance of having a business blog. The following are some of the general characteristics of a blog: Writing a blog does not require any technical expertise Visitors can leave comments after reading blog posts Information can be distributed automatically and instantly Blogs allow multiple authors to contribute […]

How to Find Ideas for Your Business Blog

When it comes to business blogging, many people find it difficult to find ideas on what to write about. If you are required to write several posts every week, as well as produce a video and write company newsletters or white papers, you might get overwhelmed after a short time and run out of things […]

Strategies for Making Money Indirectly From Your Blog

Recently, I wrote a post about how to make money directly from your blog. Besides direct strategies such as advertising and affiliate programs, there are also indirect ways of making money from your blog. Most of these indirect strategies are dependent on your expertise and profile as a blogger. 1. Consulting When you are recognized […]