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Online Fitness Marketing Tips

Fitness professionals are increasingly using the internet as a marketing tool. Previously, fitness marketing was done primarily through direct mailings which were very expensive. Nowadays, social media has made it very easy to carry out marketing campaigns at almost no cost. The following are some guidelines for online fitness marketing.

  • Have a objective of making a specific number of followers, friends or fans on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter
  • If you have a fitness blog, network with bloggers in the fitness industry and request them to link to your blog
  • Post a short video of yourself to your site. A video will enable you to connect with your audience in a more personal way
  •  Market your products or services on YouTube using short videos. Remember to include a link pointing back to your site
  • Offer free webinars and use opt-in forms to capture email addresses
  • Share fitness news and tips regularly on Twitter and Facebook

Social media marketing is just one way of connecting with many prospects and establishing a thriving business. However, there are many other strategies that can be used in fitness marketing.

  • Identify your niche market. Make sure your web content is specifically targeted to this market
  • Find out what people really desire or need, then offer a solution which will help them attain their fitness objectives
  • Market your products or services to people face-to-face whenever possible. This is a very effective way of creating customer loyalty
  • Whenever someone asks for additional information through a phone call or an opt-in form, make sure you respond fast
  • Build backlinks back to your site by writing posts for other sites
  • Create RSS feeds so as to keep your potential clients and existing customers updated about your business
  • Update your website content regularly so as to keep it current and fresh
  • Offer former customers special discounted prices to lure them back
  • Make use of video and live chat to communicate with people
  • Take advantage of online marketing strategies such as customer testimonials, search engine optimization, as well as auto-responders
  • Offer your existing customers rewards when they refer new clients
  • Promote fitness programs instead of fitness sessions. This will help you establish sustained customer relationships

These are just a few of the strategies which can be applied in fitness marketing. The most important thing is to understand your target market and find the most effective way of reaching them. As you market online, don’t forget the power of offline marketing.

Guidelines for Using Watermarks in Web Images

Image theft has become an issue of great concern for most professional photographers. As a result, many have resorted to using watermarks to protect their creative works. However, these watermarks could end up working against the photographer’s business. Heavily watermarked images have a lower chance of being licensed by photo buyers compared to those that have no watermark at all. In addition, people are reluctant to share images with prominent watermarks via social networks. Finally, when photo buyers see prominent watermarks on your images, they might conclude that you are a difficult individual to deal with since you are overly concerned about protecting your images. For this reason, potential buyers may hesitate to contact you.

The following are some points to consider when it comes to using watermarks on your images.

1. Register your image with the copyright office     

Having a prominent watermark on your image will not necessarily stop people from using it. Some will even have the audacity to use your images – complete with watermarks. In such a case, even if you went to court, you wouldn’t have any real advantage. Therefore, the best way of protecting your images is by registering them with your country’s copyright office. This way, the law will work in your favor and you won’t have to worry about anyone using your photos without your permission.

2. Watermarks are removable

If anyone is really determined to use your image, they can always find a way of removing the watermark using Photoshop. This means that the only way of protecting yourself is by registering your images with the copyright office.

3. Take advantage of infringement

If you realize that your images are being used on another site without your consent, you could ask the owner of the site to remove the image. Alternatively, you could request them to add a link back to your site and a credit. Backlinks are great for SEO purposes. The more links back to your site to have, the better your ranking in search engines.

4. Use watermarks with subtlety

If you have to use watermarks on your images, you need to do it with a lot of subtlety. Don’t overdo it. The watermark should not distract the viewer from the image, otherwise you might end up losing business. In addition, make sure your watermark contains useful details such as your website address, your name and how you can be reached – in case someone is interested in licensing the image.