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Top 10 Android Development Tools

AndroidAndroid is used by millions of developers around the globe to showcase their talent. Android is considered to be one of the easiest distribution platforms where developers can create and display their applications to a large number of people. Fortunately for developers, there is no shortage of tools available online to help them begin and succeed in their journey as an Android Application Developer. The number of tools available online for developers is increasing day by day while the older ones are upgrading at a drastic rate, making Android Development smoother and more efficient.

In this blog, you will find 10 best tools for your Android Development, ranging from Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to emulators.

  1. Android Studio

You cannot create a list of important Android Development tools and leave out Android Studio. Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment or IDE for Android, making it the popular pick of developers. Even though Java is the official language of Android, Android Studio supports C++ as well, and recently Google extended its support to Kotlin as the third programming language. Android Studio is packed with features and can support the developer as it consists of a compiler, editor, APK creator, and file arranging system, XML editor.

Android Studio might prove to be a bit hard to get a hold of, but its long list of tools and features can beat any other developing tool hands down.

  1. TAKT

Takt is a small Android Library, which can help the developers for measuring the FPS of their application. Developers can check the FPS of the whole application while debug is in progress. Takt uses Choreographer to measure the FPS, which coordinates the timing of animations, inputs, and drawings. Takt helps in catching bugs and errors, which might get ignored otherwise.

  1. GitHub

GitHub is a leading online tool which developers use to share their projects and keep track of multiple versions of those projects when a team is employed on the same. GitHub is considered very handy for backing up the projects and even helps developers find sample codes and tutorials to let them ease through their projects. GitHub boasts of 25 Million Developers and 70 Million Repositories around the globe, and the number is climbing day by day. As your experience as a developer increases, your exposure to GitHub will rise from downloading sample codes to sharing projects and even collaborating with a team.

  1. Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a game engine and Integrated Development Environment for cross-platform game development. Unity 3D does not come pre-installed with the official IDE Android Studio. Game Designing is achievable using Android Studio, but Unity comes with a long list of tools and features which will reduce the amount of work required in creating a game. Unity is simple to learn, and its most significant quality is its assortment of features helping in Game Development. Not only does it enable you to create 2D and 3D games, but developers can also jump a level higher and create virtual reality games for Cardboard and Gear VR as well.

  1. FlowUp

FlowUp is a great tool for Android Developers, which helps in tracking the performance of the application. It provides in-depth vectors of features such as the frames per second (FPS) and how much Memory, CPU or disk memory is being used by the application. The FlowUp dashboard can be added to your Application Development Control by adding a single code line which will help you track the metrics of your app live.

  1. AVD Manager

Android Virtual Device Manager or AVD Manager comes bundled up with Android Studio, which makes it an emulator to run Android Applications on your PC. This helps the developers as they do not have to test their apps by installing it on physical devices but can do so easily on their PC. Probably the best feature of AVD Manager is that you can create and customize your own emulators, by varying certain features such as sizes, specifications, and versions of Android OS. It gives a broader view of what your application will look like on different devices across different OS versions and screen sizes. AVD Manager has been improving drastically, and new features are being added swiftly to help the developers even better.

  1. JRebel for Android

As the size and features increase in an application. The code increases as well, thus increasing the build time. JRebel for Android is a Plugin for Android Studio, which accelerates the development by eliminating the full build, install, and run cycle time. This, on a large scale can help small and big developers save hours and hours annually, thus increasing efficiency. JRebel does not have a learning curve; it works straight away with Android Studio, Gradle and emulators, and devices. A simple plugin install and you are good to go, no codes required.

  1. Source Tree

Source Tree is a tool available on GitHub, which helps developers in using Git as it eases the way to see all the changes, commits, branches. Developers never have to write a single command in the command-line again. It helps the amateur users who can get confused with the huge world that is GitHub while helping the experts to be more efficient and productive. It provides a fully featured Graphical User Interface that offers its users a consistent development process. It is available for both Windows & MAC, which means users of the top two operating systems can use the power of Git and Mercurial.

  1. Android Asset Studio

Instead of being a single tool for a single feature, Android Asset Studio holds an assortment of tools for the developers to use. Android Asset Studio provides tools which can generate icons such as Launcher icon, Application shortcut icon, Notification icon, Generic icon and Action Bar icon or Action Tab icon. It can also help you generate a simple nine patch which is useful for custom User Interface widgets. Android Asset Studio also helps the developer create vector drawables and vector icon animations.

  1. Vysor

If you are one of the developers who does not prefer developing their Android applications on emulators, then Vysor is tailor-made for you. Vysor is a developer tool which mirrors your real device to your computer, providing you the ease of an emulator on your computer. It also helps you to develop and use applications, and even lets you play games. You can easily use your keyboard to type faster on your phone and use your mouse for easier access. It can also be used to show live app demos on big TV screens and projectors, thus making a handy tool for all.

There are hundreds of tools available online for developers to use, providing them a smoother phase of development and taking the load of many tedious tasks. The above 10 tools are our pick for the top 10 Android development tools, and by using these you can boost your development productivity.


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