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Strategies for Making Money Indirectly From Your Blog

Make money bloggingRecently, I wrote a post about how to make money directly from your blog. Besides direct strategies such as advertising and affiliate programs, there are also indirect ways of making money from your blog. Most of these indirect strategies are dependent on your expertise and profile as a blogger.

1. Consulting

When you are recognized as an authority in a specific subject, people are likely to consult you for advice. In some cases, some would even be willing to pay for the services. However, your chances of making money thorough consultancy will depend on your area of specialization. Bloggers who are experts in technology or business are more likely to make good money by offering advice to organizations and companies.

2. Business blogging

There are bloggers who have been hired by companies or businesses to write for them either on full-time or part-time basis. Such jobs are usually advertised in sites such as Blogger Jobs.

3. Offline/online writing gigs

Some bloggers get discovered through their blogs end up writing for leading offline publications. Such opportunities can be found in magazines, newspapers, as well as trade publications. In the same way, other bloggers find writing gigs in other sites and blogs when they get exposed through their blogs.

4. Selling e-resources

This can be both a direct and indirect strategy of making money from your blog. You can leverage on your experience and knowledge in a specific field by creating e-products such as tele-seminars, e- books or e-courses. These products can then be promoted and sold to your readers.

5. Speaking opportunities

Once you become an expert in your subject, you might start getting invitations to speak at seminars, conferences or workshops. Though at times you might not get paid for your services, there are occasions where you’ll be can charge a fee. However, the level of success with speaking engagements will depend on your area of expertise.

6. Book deals

Nowadays, there are many bloggers who have one or more books published. Once you become recognized as an authority in your niche, publishers are likely to be interested when you pitch an idea. Others will even take the initiative look for you and offer a deal. Writing a book is not difficult, especially if you have a lot of content in your blog. All you need to do is just consolidate the information into a book.

7. Business partnerships

One of the best things about writing on a subject you are passionate about is that you will have the opportunity of networking with other bloggers who have similar experiences and interests. As you network with others, you will increasingly come across opportunities to work together. For more about blog partnership, you can read my post ‘Blog Partnership – Tips for Getting Started’.

To enhance your chances of making money through any of the above strategies, you need to work hard at building your credibility and profile as a blogger. The following are some tips that can get you started.

  • Offer unique content that demonstrates an understanding of your field
  • Network with other experts within your niche and find out what makes them tick
  • Don’t just rehash or report news in your blog. Be in the forefront when it comes to offering solutions. Instead of just reacting to information, you need to be proactive in initiating conversation


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