How to Stay Professional While You Work From Home

Graphic DesignNowadays, the phenomenon of working from home is becoming increasingly common. Working from home can give you a great sense of freedom, allowing you to be creative while working at your own pace. However, to remain productive, it is very important to maintain a sense of professionalism. Here are some tips for staying professional while working from home:

1. Create a work space

When working from home, it is very important to have a dedicated work space. This will enable you to focus on your work and avoid unnecessary distractions. If your home has several rooms, you could convert one into a home office. Alternatively, you could use part of your living room or even your garage. Whatever you opt for, let your work space be used specifically for work. This will psychologically allow you to separate your personal life from your professional life.

2. Have a schedule

When working from home, how you spend your time is your personal responsibility. Since there is no one watching, you can always choose to watch movies instead of working. If this becomes a habit, you will find yourself being lazy and unproductive. Therefore, to stay professional, you need to have a fixed schedule for each day. Keep yourself accountable and avoid making excuses to change your schedule.

3. Eliminate all distractions

The television, social media, children, unexpected visitors and phone calls are some of the common distractions for people working from home. To enhance your productivity, you need to find a way of dealing with these distractions.  First, be sure to switch off your TV when working. Put your phone on silent mode to avoid being distracted by constant notifications. You could schedule specific times in your day to check and reply to messages. In the same way, you need to schedule specific times for interacting with your friends on social media. When it comes to small children, you could hire a nanny to babysit as you work. Finally, make sure your friends know when they can visit and when they can’t.

4. Dress properly

One of the best things about working from home is that you have the freedom to wear what you want. However, how you dress can have an effect on your mindset. For instance, wearing pajamas to work is likely to make you lazy and reduce the sense of seriousness. To create a professional mindset, it would be advisable to dress as if you were reporting to an actual office. However, this does not mean that you have to wear suits and ties. A business casual dress code can work just fine.

5. Take breaks

Spending in front of your computer for long hours sitting can be physically and mentally draining. It is therefore very important to take regular short breaks to refresh your body and mind. Go to the kitchen and grab something to eat or drink. Once in a while, leave the house and take a walk around the neighborhood.  When you get back to your work space, you will feel more rejuvenated and are likely to be more productive.


Working from home is a privilege enjoyed by a few. However, it should not be taken casually. Keeping a professional mindset will greatly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.

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