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How to Stand Out Among the Sea of Bloggers with Your Writing

bloggingBlogging has become so competitive; whether it is for business or fun, every blogger wants to attract attention.

There are leads to capture, there are friends/following to be acquired and of course, there are bills to be paid.

When an internet marketer realizes that the competition is tough and at the same time he/she needs to feed and survive, it all gets a lot worse. He/She is literally forced into a situation where they need to put in lots of effort to stay afloat and compete with the giants.

And when success gets delayed only frustration remains.

However, it is really surprising that all the impatient internet marketers who start and quit at a fast pace forget one crucial aspect to succeed in today’s online world among the tough competition.

It is no secret. In fact it is just common sense and needs no extra practice!

Curious? OK, let me put forth a question: Can you find another person in the whole of universe just like you? I mean, just like you – appearance, characteristics, genes etc. – everything just like you?

Here’s the answer.

You can NEVER ever find another person just like you. And that’s key to your survival online.

Just be you and you can stand out from the crowd.

You still need tips to implement this key idea, don’t you? Here are some tips.

1. Identify your blogging voice

You’ve probably heard it many times before. But how can you identify your blogging voice? You can do it by just blogging casually (don’t mistake it for not being careful, though).

Well what I mean here is, blog just like you. If you are unable to find your blogging voice clearly, start writing some private blog posts. Do not publish them but review those posts on a weekend (have about 5 posts).

Find out a common pattern in these posts. For sure there will be something in common because all those posts were written by you and you only.

  1. Identify that secret sauce

However, it is not necessary that you should follow the same style or pattern. In fact, for many bloggers, writing at varying styles and patterns are their trademark!

3. Be everywhere

This one is a cool advice from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. When you manage to be present everywhere people can’t miss you. They’d be left with no choice but to notice you.

By being everywhere, I don’t mean just showing up. That won’t make you different from the other bloggers in the blogosphere who strive to get attention but put forth no value.

The point is to put your valuable meaty stuff out there, everywhere. You can do this by various means.

  1. Standing out with your meaty stuff at your own blog. I’m sure you promote your blog posts and this means your meaty blog posts are at various places to be seen by your hungry readers.
  1. Providing value in social media. Instead of posting links to your own blog posts all the time, you need to be willing to share meaty posts of other bloggers which you found useful. If a particular blog post was useful to you, chances are that they will be useful to your readers/followers as well. So make sure you share awesome stuff. And, not just links to blog posts but you can also consider sharing useful tips, or blurbs of content as appropriate.
  1. Guest posting, by far, is one of the best ways to be everywhere. It helps to gain attention in a very effective way! Not to mention the additional SEO benefits you can reap out of guest posting.

4. Stand out using guest blogging

In my opinion and from my personal experience (in writing 240+ guest posts) I find that guest blogging is one of the easiest (don’t get me wrong here) ways to stand out.

When I said guest blogging is one of the easiest ways, I meant the benefits, not how it is done. The benefits in terms of standing out, gaining traffic, becoming an expert and gaining SEO benefits – guest blogging is one of the easiest ways to get all these in a quicker manner.

But it is not a very easy task to do, mind you. Although I don’t intend to scare you here, I want you to be realistic. You cannot simply attract attention by guest posting everywhere.

You need a strategy; you need a plan; you need to pick up the right blogs and you need to be writing the right stuff (that people want).


Blogging used to be all about creating useful content. But it is not just that anymore. Since the blogosphere is overcrowded, successful blogging is also (more) about standing out from the crowd.


Jane blogs at Savvy Blogging Tips where she shares brutally honest blogging tips. Grab her free blueprint to make money online if you are wondering how you can do it!

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