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Smartphone Apps Anticipated to Dominate the Market in 2013

smartphone-appsSmartphones are great devices which make your work simpler and faster. Mobile applications have become increasingly popular with smartphone users all over the world. There is an app for about everything you can think of, from business, finance, fitness, health, games, comics, entertainment, lifestyle, to education, photography, shopping, weather, social and sports.

Some of the benefits of using Smartphone apps include:

  • Time management: Apps can help you manage your time more effectively. For instance you can check emails, can make bill payments, can get latest news etc.
  •  Environmental conservation: You can use smartphone apps to create notes, make presentations, organise business files, or conduct meetings in real time environment. This reduces the usage of paper, thus conserving the environment
  • Communication: Apps help business owners stay connected with their clients, employees which can increase their business productivity
  • Flexibility: Smartphone apps can be operated from any location
  • Entertainment: Entertainment is at your fingertips. This includes music, gaming and other fun apps which can keep you busy

Here are some of the apps that are expected to dominate the smartphone market in 2013:

  1. Steampunk racing 3D: This is an amazing game which can be played in real time. You can blast opponents by using different weapons and then upgrade your speed progress as you win
  2. Izik: This is relatively a new application designed for tablet devices. It is designed by a poplar firm named Blake. Izik is a search engine for tablet devices which helps you to swipe more images and data.
  3. Facebook pages manager: If you frequently use Facebook, then this is an app that you will definitely be interested in. Using this managing app, you can check notifications, respond instantly to comments, post new content, images etc. It is rumoured that this app will also be  available on iPhone and Android devices
  4. AWS console: Amazon Web Services will be launching a mobile management console for smartphone devices. This professional tool allows you to manage cloud service data
  5. Scrabble dictionary: This dictionary is now available in android devices. It allows you to enter 2-8 letter words. It has in-built word finder feature which allows you to search desired word
  6. ShaqDown: This new mobile game will appeal to many smartphone users. Shaq hunts zombies using supernatural powers and abilities. The game involves running, punching and slinging
  7. Pocoyo: The most famous children game, Pocoyo, is now available on Android devices. Elly’s doll episode is also made available on these smartphone devices as an interactive story book app
  8. NFL Pro: The much awaited football game is now back on your smartphones, bigger and better compared to the previous version. It allows you to select your team members among 32 franchises


Michelle is a passionate blogger and a hard-core fan of Apple. She loves to play indoor games and can quickly learn new dance styles. At the moment, she is working on the ppi claims project.

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