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Safety Tips for WordPress Sites

wordpressWordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). Thousands of websites have been created using this tool. However, in the past few years, there have been growing concerns about the security of WordPress sites. Many of these sites have been hacked and their security compromised. These attacks come mainly from the themes and from the hosting. Therefore, when creating your site, you need to take security into consideration.

Here are some tips which will help you keep your WordPress site safe:

1. Keep WordPress updated

Websites which use older versions of WordPress are more vulnerable to attacks and hacks. Every WordPress update comes with more enhanced security. This is why it is very important to install WordPress updates immediately they are released. It would also be advisable to conceal the WordPress version in the header tag.

2. Select a reliable hosting package

Selecting a reliable hosting package from a trusted provider will reduce the chances of your site getting hacked. Such reliable hosting is usually backed by quality software and hardware, as well as advanced technologies. In addition, it offers security features such as secure POP3, DDoS protection, sFTP, SSH and support for SSL.

3. Use a safe WordPress theme

A good percentage of hacks originate from WordPress themes. Therefore, besides making your site appear attractive, a good website theme should also enhance your security. When selecting a theme, you need to find out how safe it is. For instance, does it use the right APIs provided by Verifying such details will make you less vulnerable to hacks.

4. Backup your files and database

A vital element of WordPress security is backing up files and databases. Before making any changes to your site, take time to backup your entire database. You should install WordPress plugins which will backup your files and databases automatically.

5. Alter your username and passwords

Don’t make the mistake of using the default WordPress username and password. This will only make work easier for hackers. Immediately you open a new account, you need to create a new custom login as well as password. Make sure you choose a strong password which contains a blend of numbers, letter and symbols. Avoid using names (even spelt backward) or birthdays which can be guessed easily.

6. Limit failed login attempts

WordPress usually does not limit the number of times a user can try to login. If there is no limit, hackers will make numerous attempts to crack your password. Therefore, to enhance the security of your site, you need to limit the number of failed login attempts.

7. Safeguard WordPress admin files

No unauthorized person should be allowed to access your WordPress admin files. You can use .htaccess to restrict the IP addresses which can access these files.

8. Use WordPress security plugins

WordPress offers numerous plugins which can enhance your security. Plugins such as Better WP Security come with great features which greatly enhance the safety of your site and lower the chances of hacking.

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