Proven Strategies for Generating High Quality Leads through Social Media


Every online business needs lead because they are a necessity. Leads, or otherwise called Sales Contacts, are crucial parts of owning an online business because they are comparable to customers and clients, except that they can be either regular people or companies. Without them, you’d have no revenue and no customer base without which the company would perish. It’s important to know how to generate these leads and where to start because a good strategy makes all the difference. Proper planning is necessary for lead generation, and you’d be wise to explore a bit about leads yourself, so you get as much knowledge and information as possible. We’re here to help you get a head start!

Here are several proven strategies for generating high-quality leads through social media.

  1. Pick the right social media channel

Social media plays a huge role in lead generation, so much so that not having social media presence is extremely detrimental to your company. The best possible thing you can do is open up a social media account for your business and engage your customers. You will need to communicate with them and bring both of you closer to build some mutual respect that goes a long way. However, you don’t need a profile for every single social media channel or website; it’s simply not necessary. Having a presence on one or two social media channels is a great starting point. You should also learn how to make a blog because blogs are an even greater way of connecting with your customers. Once you establish a strong enough presence, the lead generation will start getting better and better with time.

  1. Make your landing pages social

Landing pages are not necessary but are recommended. However, if you do plan to use a landing page, make sure to design it in a way that allows people to socialize. For example, don’t simply use a ‘news’ landing page (where you list various things but don’t leave any room for your customers to voice their opinion or engage with you). You can use it to approach customers through the use of newsletters and such. The more connected a customer is to your business, the higher the possibility that he/she will spread positive news about you, thus, generating new leads.

  1. For high-quality leads start with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to start when you’re searching for leads and lead generation. LinkedIn is an amazing platform where people from all over the world can connect with their business and work. This way, you’ll receive some highly professional leads because the people on LinkedIn know exactly how this works. If they like what you offer, you can be sure that they will help generate leads. Professional leads are a bit different than regular ones in a way that allows them to generate more traditional leads. After all, if another company decides to use your services or products, they will also notify (actively or passively) their customers of your company’s existence and potential.

  1. Connecting with your potential leads directly

Directly contacting your potential leads is a sign of professionalism and dedication. These traits are highly sought for so only positive things will come from this sort of action. We never recommend sending generic E-mails all the time because they are annoying and most people will simply mark it as spam. This is the same behavior that should be avoided when it comes to other places as well, not just an E-mail environment. Constantly posting the same things on your social media channels is also a bad idea. You’ll need to be creative!

  1. Investing lead generation on Facebook

Even though most companies don’t like Facebook, there’s no question that it’s a surprisingly powerful tool for lead generation and marketing campaigns. Truthfully, more and more companies are opening up personal profiles/pages on Facebook to connect with their customers even more. Facebook lead generation is quite efficient – you post various interesting topics daily, and your customer number will keep increasing. This is because people love to check out new things and your job is to keep things fresh and exciting enough. That way, your customers will generate new leads for you without much of a hassle.

  1. Send social media users to your blogs

Your blog is your voice so use it wisely. Don’t simply focus on the usual social media channels; divert that audience towards your blog. You’ll have much more freedom on your blog, plus, you’ll be able to generate leads more effectively. Another added benefit is the use of various insight tools that help you see how your blog is doing. The trick is in being able to combine all social media platforms into one massive lead generation tool!


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