Parking Expired Domains for Profits

Many people buy a domain with the intention of creating a website around it. However, you could also purchase a domain with an intention of parking it. Parking expired domains is one of the best ways of making money online with very little effort.

Every day, there are numerous domain names expiring. Each expired domain offers you a great opportunity for making money. As long as you know what kind of domain to buy, you could soon begin earning a good income from this business. The amount of traffic a domain name attracts will depend on its popularity. The more popular it is, the more the traffic.  These are the kinds of domain names you should target when they expire.

So how do you get started? First, you need to find a domain provider who charges a reasonable fee for selling domains and who offers domain parking services. Be sure to choose a company which allows you to park many domains. This will enable you to expand your business in the future.

Domain name parking basically involves building and monetizing a single page. If you select a domain name which contains popular keywords, you will begin receiving traffic on your page immediately.

Most domain parking services offer the tools required for making money from your page. When creating your page, you need to consider who your primary target is. For instance, if you have the words ‘weigh loss’ in your domain name, you need to make sure that your page is helpful to anyone who is looking for information about weight loss.

You can use one of the many free keyword tools online to explore with different keyword combinations. This will enable you to select the most effective keywords for your topic. Though it might take some time to attain optimal performance, it will be worth it when your earnings start increasing.

Once you begin making money from one parked domain, you can begin looking for more. It is advisable to build up gradually by purchasing one or two domains. Once you have parked several and are getting a good idea of how the whole thing works, you could then consider purchasing more. Eventually, you might end up with scores of parked domains which will earn you lots of cash with little effort on your part.

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4 thoughts on “Parking Expired Domains for Profits

  1. Imran

    Hi Charles,

    Excellent Blog, How are you can tweak the design it would be good if you can use genesis or thesis… it will give to a added SEO touch your blog…

    However I have been still confused on expired domains….. would required more details info in this topic…

    Thanks for sharing
    Imran recently posted..How Businesses Can Improve Their SEOMy Profile

    1. Charles

      Hey Imran. Thanks for your comment, as well as the suggestion regarding my blog. I’ll try revisit the topic on parking expired domains later in more detail.


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