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Online Freelance Writing – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Freelance WritingMany people aspire to work as online freelance writers. It is true that the business offers many advantages. However, it also has a downside. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of online freelance writing.

The Advantages

  • Flexible schedule

Since you are basically self-employed, you can work from virtually anywhere; the beach, a café or a home office. In addition, you can take a day off whenever you like. As long as you meet your deadlines, your schedule is all up to you.

  • Freedom to choose who to work with

Most people in formal employment have, at one time or another, worked with a boss who was difficult to deal with. When it comes to online writing, you have the opportunity of working with a wide range of clients. If one of your clients starts making your life miserable, you always have the choice of walking away.

  • Unlimited earning potential

There are many freelance writers who make a good income from the business. Beside writing articles for the web, freelancers can also make money from publishing books, speaking at live events, teaching workshops (online or in person) or creating a product. This means that at any one time, a freelance writer can be reaping from one or more of these streams of income.

  • Your success is your responsibility

In the long run, this can be very satisfying and empowering. There is no feeling like that of seeing a small idea grow from humble beginnings to a full-fledged lucrative business.

The Disadvantages

  • The business can dominate your life          

If you are not careful, you will find life being taken over by freelance writing. In an attempt to make as much money as possible, many writers spend hours online at the expense of their health and their families. Some writers accept more work than they can handle and end up being burnt out. At times, distractions such as social media or the telephone interfere with work, and thus result in long unproductive hours online.

  • Problems with editors and clients   

At times, it is just a communication problem. For instance, you might find yourself rewriting an article because of insufficient instructions at the onset. It is therefore important to clarify everything before getting started on any task. Other clients are just plain difficult to work with. Some take your sample articles and publish them without your permission, while others keep losing your submissions and asking you to resend them.

  • Finding well-paying jobs is not easy           

The truth is that most clients out there expect you to work for very low rates, or even for fee. The situation is made worse by writers who are willing to accept meager pay for their services. This means that it might take some time to find clients who offer reasonable rates.

  • Your failure is your responsibility

Since you are working for yourself, you cannot blame anyone for your failure. If you decide to sleep all day or spend all your time chatting on Facebook at the expense of your work, you will be solely responsible for the failure of your venture.

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