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How to Make Money Online Without Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing

make money onlineNowadays, the internet has become a primary source of earning with its wide range of opportunities. The internet offers a flexible way to earn money from all corners of the world. Many people are making good amounts of money through different online businesses. You can increase your wealth much more than you could imagine, just by working from the comfort of your home. Many web users are thronging into affiliate marketing and advertisement to make money. However, this involves heavy competition. Besides affiliate marketing and advertisement, there are other ways in with which you can make money on the internet.


Are you a passionate writer? Blogging may be the right choice for you. It is the best way to express your opinions and thoughts to the digital world. Many bloggers are making a lot of money just by posting their attractive content online. Though you can’t become the best blogger overnight, you have to write some unique and fresh blog posts which are not available elsewhere in the internet.  If you are writing one-of-a-kind articles in your blog, it will attract huge traffic to your blog. Advertisers will show interest to promote their brands on your blog which will make money. You can run different types of blogs like finance, health and technology based on your interest. For instance if you are running a finance blog, you can write articles on PPI claims which will attract insurance customers to your blog.


Online tutors are earning huge amount of money because of its wide range of opportunities. You will need to register with online tutor portals where you will get assignments. It is one of the best ways of earning money through online while working from your home.  Based on your requirement, you can choose part-time or full-time teaching. E-tuition is a flexible way to earn money. There is a huge demand for potential tutors. Since people are busy involved in other activities, they are looking for alternatives like e-tuition to meet their educational needs. The success of your online tuition will depend on your teaching skills and methods.


If you have a moderate typing speed and good listening skills, then you can choose transcription as the money making method. Transcription is the easiest and simplest way to earn a lot of money without much hard work. It is all about converting content from audio format into text format. Based on your interest you can choose the type of transcription such as legal, medical and business transcription. There are many associations which want text format for their seminars, business meetings and important discussions. Medical transcriptions include medical reports, letters, psychiatric evaluation, physical reports, clinical notes and consultation notes. If you want to make money online through transcription, you will need to improve your listening skills, typing speed and industry terminology.
This article has been written by Maria Rodriguez, a writer and orator.  She participates in various seminars, forums, and blogs. Catch her @financeport

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