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Link Building – What to Look Out For

Link buildingBuilding links is one of the best strategies for enhancing the ranking of a website or blog. However, there are some factors that can cause link building to work against you. Here are some things to look out for.

Nofollow links

Some sites add a ‘nofollow’ tag to the HTML code of outgoing links. This means that such link have no value in terms of improving the rank of the destination site. Nofollow tags are normally used to discourage people from posting materials or commenting purely for SEO purposes. Therefore, if you are planning to post anything with a link on another site, find out if there are any nofollow tags on the source page.  When on the page you wish to link to, right-click on your mouse and then select View Page Source. If the nofollow tag appears, then you might not benefit much from a link on that page.

Outbound vs inbound links

Search engines take note of the number of outgoing links versus the number of incoming links. You might have many quality links pointing to your site, but have several outgoing links in your site which are not valuable. This might affect your site’s ranking negatively. It is therefore important to be wise in the selection of your link partners. Avoid linking to low quality or irrelevant sites.

Automatic link submission

You will find several offers suggesting that with a single submission, you can get hundreds of links. Search engines will automatically see such links as spam. As a result, you site might get banned from being listed in search results. It is therefore not worth it to get hundreds of links instantly, only to be blacklisted later.

Link exchanges

Link exchange is where you agree to link to someone on condition that they link back to you. This strategy could help improve your rankings if the incoming links are from other relevant sites. However, exchanging link with irrelevant or low quality sites is a waste of time, and may result in being penalized by search engines.

Paid links

Some paid link programs such as Google AdSense are in many cases beneficial when it comes to search engine optimization. However, paid link advertising does not necessarily help enhance your ranking. Before spending your money on paid advertising, try all the free strategies first and monitor your results. In the process, you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. This might end up saving you several dollars later.

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