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Latest Business Apps for Android 4.1

Apps-for-Android-4.1Apps and devices are not new in the world that revolves around technology. People need these to make their process easier and simpler. From business to work, latest apps and gadgets are required owing to their use. And when talked about the OS, the latest and most popular ones that are widely used are the iOS and the Android. And though iOS has got great reviews and responses, yet Android has been the most preferred one.

Many business people use Android 4.1 operating system on their smartphones or other mobile devices such as tablet computers. Here are several examples of business apps that work on Android 4.1.

1. Business Calendar
This calendar application can be synchronised with a Google calendar. Some of its features include:
• Scroll and zoom multi-day views up to two weeks out
• Both graphic and text presentation
• Views for the month and day, as well as the agenda and event (including 11 different widgets that can be configured for personal preferences)
• Can be faded in or out, using a special favourite’s bar or switched between a timeline bar and the event title
• Quick open by merely moving fingers over the day in question
The business calendar app is available either as a free version with ads or as a paid one without ads.
2. PayPal
If you use the PayPal method to buy things or send out invoices, then this mobile app is a great choice. It can do things like link a bank account or credit card to the PayPal account, and is a safer method of paying or sending money online. It is simple to use and with PayPal you don’t share bank info since PayPal does the sending of money without transmitting this vital personal information. New features include being able to take a photo of your debit and credit cards to add them to your PayPal account, as well as advanced support for Android version Ice Cream Sandwich.

3. Proximiant
This is a free and simple to operate Android app to help business people keep track of their receipts. It tracks digital receipts, as well as expenses, coupons, and loyalty program. Users with an NFC device can use this app to easily copy a receipt and add it to their mobile device in seconds or, if no NFC device exists, they can merely take a picture of the receipt with a smartphone and add it that way.

4. Payday Mobile Application
Payday Mobile App is another free app for those who deal in Payday Loans. It can be downloaded from Google Play or other app sites. This simple and easy to use app helps you get the help you need quickly and easily when applying for same day cash loans to get the fastest access possible access to financial support.

This articles was written by Michelle, a tech writer from Manchester, UK. Her passion is writing articles on numerous topics, including technology, finance, health and Payday Loans.

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  1. Katy Manalo says:

    All these apps are very important for businessmen and professionals. It is really good if you can manage your schedule and have an app which will remind you about deadlines. Paypal is also great so you can send money or withdraw through your phone.

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