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Jane SheebaJane Sheeba is the owner of, a blog designed to offer both aspiring and established bloggers tips for successful problogging. Here is the interview…

First, give us a little background about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? Educational background?

Hi. I am Jane, a part time blogger from India. I am married to a handsome, rational and a wonderful person. We have a 2+ yr old smart son.  I am 31 yrs old now. I have completed my Ph. D in 2008 in the field of Medical Physics. In layman terms, my research is based on studying mathematical models of complex systems (numerically) in order to understand the phenomena behind various kinds of synchronization in neuronal networks (in the brain). If you don’t understand all these, never mind 🙂

Tell us briefly about your journey in blogging.

My blogging journey started as an accident. I just wanted to overcome my loneliness (when I went to the UK, for the first time away from home). So I started a couple of blogs on blogger and was simply sharing anything and everything that came to my mind. When I came back to India after my Ph. D, I started to understand the real potential of blogging (and of course, I was already addicted to it). So I started my blogging journey with my first self-hosted blog Find All Answers. Later on, I split Find All Answers to various blogs, each of them focused on a specific niche.

What specific services do you offer on In your experience, which of these services have the most demand?


Blog audit and thesis theme customization are the most popular ones.

How much on average do you earn as a freelance blogger?

I presently don’t do much of freelancing. My sites keep me busy with writing and I enjoy writing for my sites 🙂 I accept freelance offers very rarely; I earn from $700 – $1000 on freelancing nowadays and I don’t take up gigs more than that coz I can’t handle them!

What strategies do you use to attract traffic?

I used to be so active all over the place to generate traffic. Although earlier when I adopted all those methods I was able to generate traffic; not all that traffic was targeted and hence it wasn’t much useful.

Nowadays I concentrate on guest blogging, social media (mainly Facebook and Google plus) and a little bit of blog commenting. I find that the traffic generated this way, although lesser than it used to be, converts much better.

What is the secret to being a successful blogger?

Patience, Consistency and Smart work (I wouldn’t say hard work).

Besides, do you write for any other blogs?

Yes I run the following blogs:

Best Autoresponder Tips

Tech Buzz Online

Merry Relationships

Zion Revival Ministries

Jane Sheeba (my personal blog)

Who are your role models?

My dad is my role model for being systematic with things and being productive.

As a blogger, what achievements are you most proud of?

I’ve haven’t thought that I’ve achieved anything to celebrate yet. But that’s not a negative statement. I just don’t want to get into a success comfort zone. So I simply would like to move on and proceed.

But to answer your question, the mere fact that I am able to gain authority and credibility in a niche with a nice society (online) of people who follow me is a great thing indeed.

Are there any unique challenges you face as a blogger in India?

Yes there are many actually. As an Indian I have some stupid restrictions in my PayPal account. We have shipping address problem with most Amazon products (I usually choose a lot of books but couldn’t get them shipped to my address!). And we have serious power problems. This hits my work schedule seriously.

You have written a couple of eBooks. Tell us about them.

Both of my ebooks were born out of my own experience. Problogging Action Plan is a step by step guide to help bloggers achieve their blogging success. The book covers topics such as identifying your blogging goal, blog setup, list building, content creation, search engine optimization, link building, and blog promotion. The book is designed to also help bloggers who have started blogging without a proper goal.

Guest blogging Champion is a mini project – this was born out of the so many emails I was receiving after people looked at the list of my guest posts; and they wanted to know how I was able to get so many guest posts out. So Guest Blogging Champion was born. I cover the following in that book:

1. Why should you guest post (not the usual stuff, there’s something more important here)

2. Getting over with the fear of guest blogging

3. Choosing blogs to guest post

4. Prepare for guest blogging

5. What should you write about

6. How to write a guest post

7. How to pitch

8. 2 simple mind maps and

9. A model spreadsheet to help you keep track of blogs to guest post.

I’ve priced the ebook $10, just for fun!

How you balance your full-time job, freelance work and personal life?

I am, fortunately, by nature, a systematic person who can organize stuff and work pretty much neatly (thanks to my dad for teaching me this since my childhood).

I don’t follow a strict schedule (coz I actually can’t, with a 2.5 yr old boy who keeps me quite busy). I used to but nowadays I simply can’t.

But I feel so much freedom and joy by working for my online business and at the same time being with my kid (playing, etc. and this helps a lot to refresh), and I can take a break whenever I want. I love this flexibility and I seriously don’t have a problem with separating my life and business since they’re so blended and I love it that way.

Plus I see that I don’t put myself too much into work without giving the attention that my family needs (except on days when I’m extremely busy, I tell my family and they totally understand).


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