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Professional writing services at competitive prices

Since 2010, I have created quality content for website developers, PR and marketing firms, startups, large companies and non-profits.


Some of the clients I have worked with...


  • Article writing

I carry out extensive research to create original and informative articles on any topic. The articles can be published on trade publications, local media or your blog.

  • Blog content writing

Well-written blog posts will educate your readers, establish you as a thought leader in your industry and attract traffic to your business website. I will create original content for your blog and carry out revisions at no extra cost. You will reserve all the rights for the blog posts we create for your business.

I also offer guest posting services. Getting your content posted in other blogs allows you to reach a larger audience, and improves the ranking of your site

  • Press release writing

If there is any news you would want to share with your followers or the news media, I can craft a professional press release for you. The press release will convey your message in a cohesive and engaging manner. All the content will be proofread and edited to ensure it satisfies the highest standards of formatting and quality.

  • Social media writing

I will create social media updates for your company, your products and services, and industry trends and news. All the updates are optimized to boost your SEO strategy. You are assured of a quick turnaround.

  • Web copywriting services

Every website needs well-written content that will grab the attention of visitors. I will create keyword-rich and informative web content which will turn your visitors into customers. You will reserve the rights to all the content created.

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