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Guidelines for Writing Scannable Blog Posts

Blog PostMost web users are very impatient people. They scan a web page and within a matter of seconds decide whether to stay on and read further or just move on to a different page. With this consideration, you need to ensure that your posts are crafted in a way that is scannable, as well as visually appealing.

The following are some guidelines which can help you make your blog posts scannable.

1. Work on your titles

A title is a very important component of your blog post. You should therefore ensure that your titles are concise and clear enough to enable web users understand what your post is about. In addition, make sure your titles contain keywords which are relevant to your post. This will help improve the search engine ranking of your page.

2. Use headings

By using headings, you will break your content down into smaller sections thus making it scannable. Make sure your headings are clear, concise, relevant and search engine optimized.

3. Use italics and bold

Italics and bold formatting in your posts can be very effective in directing attention to particular texts. However, if overused, your post will end up looking messy and difficult to read.

4. Make lists

Numbered or bulleted lists are also very useful for breaking down long posts into content which can be scanned easily.

5. Use images

Images are useful for adding color to a blog, directing attention to a particular post and enhancing search engine optimization. However, avoid using excess images since this will end up cluttering your post and making it difficult to read your text. In addition, before publishing an image on your blog, make sure you have permission. There are numerous sites where you can find free photos to use. Finally, take time to research about fair use and copyright laws which govern the use of images online.

6. Use links

Links can be very effective in providing additional information for readers. In addition, they are useful for search engine optimization (SEO) since text which contains links is ranked better than content without links. However, don’t overuse them. Too many links will make your post difficult to read.

7. Keep paragraphs short

Blog posts which have short paragraphs can be scanned and read easily. Short paragraphs allow you to have some white space in your posts, thus offering visual relief to readers.

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