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Guidelines for Writing Blog Contest Rules

Blog ContestNowadays, many people are using blog contests as a way of attracting traffic to their blogs, as well as rewarding loyal readers. However, if not handled properly, they can end up working against you. To protect yourself, you need to come up with appropriate and comprehensive rules which will govern your contest. Rules will ensure that there is no discontent among entrants when the winner is chosen. Unhappy losers are likely to create negative publicity for you.

Here are some things you need to consider when writing rules for your blog contest.

1. The prize

When you announce your blog contest and ask people to sign up, make sure you mention clearly what the prize is. Whenever possible, you should also provide an image of the prize. Describe the prize in detail so it will be clear to entrants what the prize actually entails.

2. Qualifications

Explain clearly what qualifications someone needs to participate in the blog contest.

3. Deadline

Set a specific date and time as the deadline for receiving entries to the blog contest. It is also very important that you indicate the time zone.

4. Prize delivery

In case you have any limitations on prize delivery, make sure you mention them clearly when calling for entries to your blog contest. For instance, if you are only ready to deliver the prize to winners in the United Kingdom, make that limitation clear in your announcement. You should also mention by what means the prize will be shipped.

5. The winners

Outline clearly and elaborately the process of choosing the winner. This is especially vital if winners will be picked in a subjective manner, as opposed to a random selection.

6. Winner notification

Clarify what means will be used to contact the winner of the contest. When joining the contest, participants should be asked to submit specific information in their entries. This will enable you to contact them in case they win and also deliver their prizes.

7. Prize acceptance

Your call for entries should have specific prize acceptance requirements. For instance, you could mention that winners will be reached in a particular way, and that they are required to respond within a certain duration (such as 72 hours), failure to which they will give up their prize. The prize acceptance requirement is therefore vital otherwise you might end up waiting for the winner’s response for a long time.

8. The alternate winner

In case the original winner fails to respond, explain the process which will be used to choose an alternate winner.

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