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Guidelines for Selling Coupons on eBay

Selling coupons on ebayCutting coupons with the intention of saving cash is a practice which is getting increasingly popular. Many people are also making money through selling unused inserts and coupons on eBay. If you want to start selling coupons on eBay, the first step would be to gather a large number of them. The following are some ideas that you can use to collect coupons.

  • Ask relatives, friends and coworkers to give you any unused inserts from their magazines or newspapers
  • Visit several restaurants in your area and collect inserts from newspapers left by previous customers
  • Visit online coupon websites which allow you to print retailer’s or manufacturer’s coupons at no cost
  • Print coupons directly from the websites of major manufacturers
  • Follow stores on social networks. ‘Like’ or follow leading retail chains and manufacturers to stay informed about the latest discount deals, coupons and promo codes

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount of coupons, you can then sort them out into different categories and sub-categories. To appeal to different kinds of buyer, you could offer some groups of mixed coupons, as well as some groups of similar coupons.

Here are some guidelines for selling coupons on eBay.

1. Read the terms of use

To sell coupons on eBay, there are some regulations that you are required to adhere to. If you violate these rules, your account could get suspended and your buying/selling privileges curtailed. Some of the rules include:

  • You are not permitted to sell expired coupons
  • The coupon’s description should be clearly mentioned in the listing
  • Only 2 ‘free’ coupons are allowed for each listing
  • Scanned coupons are not acceptable. EBay only allows the selling of physical coupons which are printed on paper.
  • Coupons for recalled products are not acceptable

2. Posting

EBay lists coupons in the ‘Coupons’ sub-category of the ‘Gift Cards and Coupons’ category. You can also add more specifications depending on the type of coupon you are posting.

3. Pricing

EBay does not allow you to sell coupons at a price higher than their value. You cannot increase a coupon’s price because of the time spent in clipping the coupons. According to eBay, you can only sell the coupon, and not your labor.

If you have several inserts from newspapers and magazines, start off on a low bidding price. Most people are looking for a bargain. You should also remember that coupons have no monetary value in themselves until they are used for purchasing a product.

4. Shipping

If you are shipping a few coupons, you will only have to pay for the cost of the postage stamp. However, it will cost more to ship a bulk amount of coupons or inserts. You will have the option of using media mail or priority mail.


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