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Guidelines for Effective Email Marketing

email marketingEmail can be a very powerful tool for promoting any business or brand. However, many people go about it the wrong way and thus fail to achieve any significant results. The following are some guidelines which will help you carry out a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Include a call to action

Your email should make clear what action you want recipients to take. Reading your email is not enough. Do you want them to register for an event? Buy a product from your web site? Sign up for your newsletter? Give you a phone call? Complete a questionnaire? Decide what you’d want the recipients to do and make it as simple as possible. Your call to action needs to be very visible, easy to understand and direct.

2. Brand your email

Your email should be designed in a way that makes it easy for recipients to instantly recognize your brand and business. Make sure your business logo, branding and any vital information appears in the preview pane of your email. Since preview panes vary in size, it would be advisable to have these details appearing in the top 400 pixels.

3. Personalization

Avoid sending out mass emails which are addressed to no one in particular. Instead, take time to personalize your emails by inserting details such as the recipient’s name, product name and reminder dates. This can be easy if you already have a database with your customer’s details. When people receive a personalized email, they are more likely to respond positively.

4. Test

Testing emails is a very simple task. Some email marketing solutions even come with inbuilt testing mechanisms. Some of the areas of your email which you need to test include the following:

  • ‘From’ names
  • Use of images
  • Subject lines
  • Layout of the email
  • The amount of copy used

5. Handle recipients differently

Don’t make the mistake of treating all your recipients in the same way. Your interaction with them should be based on emails which were sent earlier. Only send follow up emails to recipients who actually opened your last email. Focusing your efforts on such people who interact with your email is likely to enhance your conversion and click through rates.

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