Great Tips for Attracting Blog Readers

Attracting Blog ReadersFinding readers can be a very frustrating experience for blog owners. Here are some tips that can make it easier for you to attract readers to your blog.

1. Write a few ‘pillar’ articles

A pillar article refers to an article written in a ‘how-to’ format with the aim of teaching your readers something. Usually, such articles offer lots of practical advice and tips. Besides offering great insight and value, pillar articles also stay relevant for a long time since they are not time dependent.

2. Write at least one post daily

To keep your blog fresh, you need to post at least one article daily. Updating your blog regularly will keep your visitors coming back expecting to find some new information. They may even go ahead to subscribe to your feed or bookmark your blog.

Writing a post on a daily basis is especially important when you have just launched your blog. The more you can write in the earlier months, the better. Once you have good traffic coming in, you can reduce the frequency to a few posts per week.

3. Use your own domain name

A personalized domain name shows that you are serious about blogging. Preferably, go for a .com domain, since that is the extension people type be default. Make sure you choose a name that is memorable. This will make it easier for people to tell others about your blog and share your URL. If possible, include a relevant keyword in your domain name. This will help you improve the ranking of the blog.

4. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other people’s blogs is a great strategy for attracting readers to your own blog. Make sure you need to target blogs which cover the same subject as yours, since their audience might also want to visit your blog. When leaving a comment, remember to include a link which will direct people to your blog. Once people recognize you as someone who has something useful to say, they might be interested to visit your blog to find out more about you.

David Risley has written a fantastic post titled ‘How to strategically comment on other blogs’. Check it out!

5. Encourage readers to comment on your blog

One of the best ways of attracting a new audience is by proving to them that your blog already has loyal readers. When people are regularly commenting on your blog, it shows that your content is valuable. This will motivate more people to visit to see what you have to offer. To encourage people to comment, all you need to do is ask a question at the end of the post. Remember to respond to comments as promptly as possible.

6. Link and trackback to other blogs

When you write posts on your blog, you could link and trackback to another blogger’s article. The trackback will notify the other blogger that they have been mentioned in your post. This is likely to motivate them to read your post to find out what you are saying about them. Eventually, they might turn into loyal readers of your blog, or return the favor by writing a post linking to your blog.

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