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Great Tactics for Linkbaiting

LinkbaitingLinkbaiting’ refers to the different tactics which are used with the aim of generating links to your blog or site. The following are some of the most popular linkbaiting strategies.

1. Quizzes

For a long time, people have been using surveys, tests and quizzes to build links. If these are designed properly, they can generate a good number of links for your blog.

2. Infographics

Not everyone likes to read. Most people would rather look at videos or photos. Therefore, if you have some good statistics or data, you could consider presenting it in form of a well-designed and outlined infographic. This is likely to grab people’s more than long paragraphs of text.

3. Social media

Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook are ideal for linkbaiting. If one web user posts a link to your article or blog, all their followers or friends see it. If their followers or friends post it, then all their followers or friends get to see it. This is a cycle that can go on and on. Having many subscribers, followers and friends on social networking sites can therefore be very effective in generating traffic to your blog.

However, as you market on social media networks, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure your content is relevant and up-to-date
  • Post your content at the appropriate time. Find out what time your target audience is likely to be online
  • Grab the attention of web users using things such as videos and images
  • Keep your posts as simple as possible. Web users usually have a short attention span
  • Have ‘share’ buttons prominently displayed at the end of every post. This will make it easy for readers to spread the word

4. Hosting services

If you are in a position to sponsor hosting or sell hosting to other bloggers, this is a strategy which can work for you. You can offer people some free hosting space in return for a link back to your blog. The link usually appears in the sidebar or the footer area. This is a very simple strategy which can generate lots of links.

5. Contests

Running online contests can be a very effective and inexpensive strategy for linkbaiting. To win prizes such as free software, you could ask competitors to write on their blogs how the software would be useful to them. Make sure that there is a rule which requires them to link back to your blog. if well promoted, such a contest can generate very many links.

6. Interviews

Interviewing a very well-known personality can generate many links to your blog. Make sure you ask interesting questions that would grab the attention of web users. If the information is valuable, readers will not hesitate to share it with other people in their networks.

7. Guest Posting

This is one of the most effective strategies for generating inbound links. Invite other bloggers to contribute relevant and well-written content to your blog. The authors are likely to promote the post, thus generating valuable traffic for your blog. One of the best ways of getting other people to write for your blog is to guest post in their blogs first. Writing for other people’s blogs not only generates backlinks, but also positions you as an expert in your niche.

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