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How to Find Readers for Your Blog

Blog ReadersFor people who are starting new blogs, finding readers can be a very confusing and frustrating experience. The following are some great strategies you can use to find readers for your blog.

1. Create quality content

As it has been said many times before, content is king. Having great content will enhance your chances of attracting readers to your blog. Make sure your content is well written, unique, up-to-date and useful.

2. Get involved in other people’s conversations

Take time to read posts on other blogs and leave a comment. Make sure you also leave the URL of your blog. This will give people an opportunity to visit you. However, comments should not be made just for the sake of it. Your comments should be sincere and helpful to other readers.

3. Engage your readers

Whenever a reader makes contact with you through an email or a comment, have the courtesy to respond. This will show them that you care and they are likely to visit your blog again. In addition, they might also tell other people in their networks about you.

4. Add a signature to your emails

Adding your blog URL to your outgoing emails is a traditional strategy which is still very effective. Most email programs have a signature option which allows you to set your domain name to appear automatically in every mail. However, don’t forget to delete the automatic email signature if it is not meant to be read by all the recipients of your email.

5. List your site in directories, portals, blog indexes and search engines

There are numerous places out there where you can get your blog listed. However, you don’t have to waste your time submitting your blog everywhere. Focus on the leading sites such as Technorati. Getting links from such established sites will enable you to get indexed much faster, as well as attract more traffic to your blog.

6. Promote your RSS feed

There are different strategies you can use to promote your RSS feed. First, make sure the RSS button in your blog appears in a prominent position where it can be seen by your readers. This will increase the chances of them subscribing to your blog. If most of your readers are not familiar with RSS, you could write a few posts to educate them on the subject. Another strategy that would be effective is submitting your RSS feed to feed aggregators.

7. Take part in other people’s projects

If you get an invitation from another blogger to take part in their project, spare some time and make a contribution. This should not just be done to get them to link to you. Rather, take it as a chance to develop a relationship with them. As your friendship grows, there will be more mutual interaction. Besides participating in other people’s projects, you could also consider starting your own.

8. Get active in web forums

Take time to visit discussion forums which share similar topics and interests as your blog. Most of these forums allow you to add a link to your blog in your posts. Participating actively in such forums can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. As you offer helpful comments regularly, people will want to know more about you and your blog.

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